The Thursday Book Beat: YA Author Announces Gender Transition to Fans

YA author Heather Brewer shares news of gender transition with fans

Brewer came out as transgender in an interview with Publishers Weekly, and explained that the transition from female to male would take place over the next few months. Known for two popular YA vampire series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles series, the author cited fans as part inspiration for the decision to come out:

I am so big on authenticity. I always say to my Minions, ‘Own your weird. Embrace who you are, and whoever you are, you are special.’ It’s been weighing on me that I’m not taking my own advice. How can you tell the world to do it and not do it yourself?’

We at Women Write About Comics send our love and support to Brewer.

New York City Council adds $39 million to budget for libraries

As previously reported, New York City libraries have been fundraising to restore and maintain branches across the metropolis. The City Council listened, announcing their added financial support for the library program yesterday. Branches will now be able to stay open for six days every week, instead of just five, enhancing much needed services in their communities.

James Salter passes away at 90 years old

Fondly referred to by fans as “a writer’s writer,” the author of The Hunters (1965) and All That Is (2013) passed away during a physical therapy session on June 19, 2015. Salter’s work was both critically acclaimed and appreciated by loyal fans, though sales never quite reached the heights he hoped for throughout his career.

Harlequin launches My Rewards loyalty program for readers

U.S. and Canadian readers can start earning points for social engagement with their favourite titles in this new initiative from the publisher. Rewards include signed books, gift baskets, and even opportunities to chat with Harlequin authors via Skype, all for purchasing Harlequin books and interacting on social media.

Gina Rodriguez to publish first book with Simon & Schuster

Gina can and she will: the lovely and critically-adored actress’s nonfiction book will be out in 2016. Titled I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me,

Rodriguez revealed that the mission behind this project is “to give the world what my father gave to me. I definitely will be keeping my ears peeled for his nuggets of knowledge and wisdom, like, ‘Dad, you got any goodness to share with me, please?’”

I’m really excited for this book, as Gina Rodriguez has been an absolute star at carving out her space in entertainment and encouraging girls to not only acknowledge the people who’ve influenced them, but give themselves credit for their achievements as well.

Gayle Forman’s first novel for adults coming from Algonquin Books

Crafton Hills College rejects student’s call to ban four graphic novels in class


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