Day: June 24, 2015

Does It Run Crysis? Batman Publisher Fixes Bugs With Lower Settings, No Fix for Fridging

Bruce Wayne does pretty well for himself in the videogame world, with eleven authorized Batman games released in the last six years. Of those eleven, six of them have been in the Batman: Arkham series. Arkham Asylum, the first installation in the series, holds the Guinness World Record for “Most critically acclaimed superhero videogame.” So, you would think that the developer, Rocksteady…

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Game Diary: Putting the Visuals in Visual Novels

All through the month of June, my partner and I are creating a dating sim for the International Love Ultimatum Gamejam (#ilujam on Twitter and Tumblr). Want to know what goes into making a video game? I’ll be posting weekly updates in a structured development blog here. This week: making players connect emotionally with character…

Get Your Game On Wednesday

What’s up, gaming buddies? You’re so cultured, you need to take a news break. No one needs to know it’s game news. This week’s all about diversity in games: more lady characters, LGBT progress and more!   Spider-Gwen being added to Contest of Champions Big news for comics and game fans alike. Spider-Gwen is being added to…