Weekend Review 2/5/2015

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On Monday…

Choose horror: play Emily Carroll’s webcomics. All things NOT Age of Ultron in this week’s Mighty Marvel Monday. Lest we forget: BatgirlLumberjanes #13 is a great jumping-in point for new fans. If irrational parenting is wrong, Melinda doesn’t want to be right.

Arale & Goku, Dragon Ball, Toriyama & Toei, Minoru Okazaki & Daisuke NishioOn Tuesday…

Red Stylo is singing Killer Queen in an interview with Enrica Jang. Writers say “Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie.” Hurray for more Dragon Ball in this week’s Incredible Indie Tuesday.  Hurtful fandom and the damage caused by the Puppies. Here are some webcomics to binge on. C2E2: An overview in photos–part II. Desiree is still in tears over the ending of Furious 7. 

On Wednesday…

Mangaka: the fast and furious game of drawing comics. Jo fills in for Brenda in this weeks Get Your Game On. Disabled protagonists in the apocalypse–this is the anthology you never knew you needed. WWAC reacts to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight: The Master Race. This is a lazy WWAC Warrior handles the zombie apocalypse. It’s Red Sonja versus Sharknado in Legenderry Red Sonja #3.

On Thursday…

Part nine of Claire’s Ghost in the Shell series: The Major’s Body. Dear Geralt: Wendy begins her The Witcher 2 gaming diaries. Scholastic answers the call to be gender neutral in the Thursday Book Beat. We Love Fine’s Age of Fashion gives fans what they really want. Bone Gap is a town full of gaps. Uplifting women, one panel at a time–an interview with WinC. Her name is Modesty… Modesty Blaise.

Modesty Blaise #9038 by Peter O'Donnell and Jim Holdaway
Modesty Blaise #9038 by Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway

On Friday…

Nigel Farage needs to read these comics about immigrants. Scarlett Couture is all fashion, but not enough action. The DC Daily Planet celebrates Batman Day (again). WWAC ladies talk about body hair and Lex talks about sex (in comics).

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