WWAC Reacts to DC’s “Dark Knight: The Master Race” [GIFs]

Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller DC Comics

This past Friday, DC Comics announced Frank Miller’s return to the Dark Knight Returns brand name, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the original title. Miller will be joined by Brian Azzarello, writer of Joker, Wonder Woman, and others. This third entry, following the much-maligned Dark Knight Strikes Again, is stunningly titled Dark Knight: the Master Race Women Write About Comics reacts:

Jo Fu:

At first I was like

Jigglypuff Gif, Pokemon animated series, OLM inc

and then I was like


Unfortunately, it’s difficult even to say, “Frank Miller/Brian Azzarello/DC Comics, we expected better of you.” Miller has been ridiculed often for his limited sensitivity to modern issues, and while Dark Knight Returns occupies a place on my bookshelf and in my heart, I distinctly remember rage-quitting All-Star Batman and Robin after issue #3. While only the writers have been announced, Miller has written himself into a corner: it’s impossible to be optimistic about this title.

Catie Coleman:


Megan Purdy:

Yes, it is. My reaction can be best summed up by Sin City brawler, Marv:

Sin City gif, giphy, Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller & Quentin Tarantino View More In Action & Adventure, 2005

It me. Frank Miller, on the other hand, is becoming a Frank Miller character, and not one of the good guys.

Catie Coleman:

Oh my GOD.

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Frank Miller and DC have truly reached self-parody levels. To which, my only reaction can be:

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Al Rosenberg:

Bruno was already a thing. Boring. Ok, my uber literal gif:

Gif: Master Race, Frank Miller, nazis, etcbut that’s also boring… so maybe just:

Kinzi, Lost Girl, gif

Rachel Stevens:

Christa Seeley:

Santana Lopez, Glee, gif

It’s like you want me to be disappointed in you DC.

Kelly Kanayama:




Jo Fu

Jo Fu

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