Quick Change: Bee’s Got Some Ice For Deckard’s Cosplay

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It is eight o’clock in the morning and your fellow geek calls you up and announces a last-minute con she has decided to attend. Obviously, you have to go with her, but what to wear? It is now time to perform your own superhuman feat and put together an acceptable geek outfit from easily found items. From the depths of my under-slept brain came the idea for Quick Change. Like every superhero before me who must race into action, I too will change into my comic-loving alter ego in record (or just sort of not-slow) time. The mission: find an outfit inspired by a comic book character in a thrift store, resale store, or sales rack in under 20 minutes for under $20.


Do you know my love for Bee and Puppycat? Can you feel it radiating through your computer screen? Do you love Bee and Puppycat as much as I do? Wait, have you seen it?

So magical. I have the biggest crush on Bee. She does not have her life together. She can never afford anything. She is just so irresponsible. But she fills the hole Daria left so many years ago.

Awesome dude Deckhard also knows how great she is, and he blushes like such a sweetheart when he’s around her. So, I set out to the local thrift store to recreate Deckhard’s fairly simple outfit because I want to be in Bee’s world too, and Deckhard and I have similar haircuts.


Wow, just identical to Deckhard, amiright?
Wow, just identical to Deckhard, amiright?

I went to the store the day after my birthday. I was slow-moving from all the…cake I consumed the night before. There were a lot of spring sales going on, so I got a little distracted looking at things that did not need to be looked at. (Good job, Me, on not buying that enormous raincoat!) I found clothes for Deckhard relatively easily, but Bee was a bit more difficult. They had removed all the sweaters from the store! This was upsetting in just a general way, but also almost killed the dream of a Bee outfit. Luckily I was feeling too lazy and tired to get too upset, so I just subbed in an oversized yellow men’s pullover for Bee’s super cute yellow sweater she wears. Oh well.


Al Rosenberg
I brought Bee a gift!
Me as Bee
My “interpretation” of Bee

Well, the cost came to under $20 for each outfit, but it took a long time and Bee’s outfit is…questionable. An interpretation I’ll call it. So, really I should give myself a “C” for a less than great job. But! It was my birthday, so I get an “A!” Yay, birthdays! Bee, I promise to do a better job when I actually cosplay you.

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