Weekend Review 03/28/2015

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Girls with Slingshots, lasagna, Jem, bippity boppity boo, Batgirl, and so much more…

On Monday…

For the low, low price of $8, you too can be a Social Justice Warrior. As far as comic reader apps go, Scribd is not the app it could be. We are unleashing our NOS-induced furiousity with #7DaysFurious. A not so fun week for Mighty Marvel Monday. Find out what happens when you give Red Sonja a rocket launcher. Jules talks gusto and gaze in her review of Jupiter Ascending and Kelly is back from her trip to London Super Comic Con.

Furious 7 Cast Photo
Join us for #7DaysFurious, starting on March 28.


On Tuesday…

Is that a crocodile with laser eyes in this week’s Jem Jam? Incredible Indie Tuesday is all about process. An interview with Takatsu looks at Secondhand Memories and cell phone novels. We must, we must support Janelle Asselin’s Kickstarter for Romance Comics AnthologyRat Queens earns a GLAAD media award. Wendy took her kids to see Disney’s shiny new Cinderella

On Wednesday…

Girls With Slingshots, webcomicRachel is playing Dragons of Tarkir the latest expansion for Magic the GatheringGet Your Game On reflects on jumping, tasty beets, and race. Ardo takes YA bloggers on a roundtable read of Gotham Academy. Alenka says good bye to Girls With Slingshots. AMC’s Preacher has found its Cassidy. How fast can Al quick change from Jem into Jerrica?

On Thursday…

Find out how Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines affected Desiree in Movies That Shaped Me. Lex’s first post at WWAC is a look at diversity at the creative level. Who wants some good clean reading? KM says King of the Cracksmen is an imaginative premise that lacks dynamic characters to drive it forward. Twin Peaks fan? Follow along with our latest episode roundtable. Wendy is back from a day at Toronto Comic Con.

On Friday…

Love comes in many forms in our Kickstarter of the Week. Killer Croc fans have something to rejoice in this week’s DC Daily Planet. Apparently, the truth is still out there.  What’s cooking? Lasagna! Red Sonja and her crew are regrouping and replanning in Vulture’s Circle #3.

Regarding the controversial Batgirl #41 cover, we had a lot to say about context, appropriateness, criticism, and more:



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