Weekend Review 03/14/15

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We explore Image diversity and PAX, say good bye to Terry Pratchett, recommend Ody-C, and share our thoughts on Wonder Woman’s new outfit.

On Monday…

Listen to WWAC’s playlist for Rock Band 4. Chris and Chris are doing good things in Mighty Marvel Monday. Here is a series of comparisons to Operation Margarine–the best bike comic of 2014. Neon Genesis Evangelion reaches the end of an era. “Fashion is for skinny people,” or so KM used to think.

christian ward, ody-c prologue coverOn Tuesday…

Pax East 2015 says games are for everyone. Historian Jacque Nodell is crushing on romance comics. The Duff is a teen comedy that sells itself short. Creator interviews and movie deals in Incredible Indie Tuesday. Here are five reasons why you should be reading Matt Fraction’s Ody-C. There’s fantasy, feminism, and child stars in this week’s Dogears. Find out why the Agent Carter finale made Amanda cringe.

On Wednesday…

Desiree is battling in style in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires. Brenda reports on her PAX adventure in the latest Get Your Game On. Nadia reviews Stephen King’s short story, A Death. N’Rygoth’s tentacled apocalypse continues in Rat Queens #9. 

On Thursday…

Find out what games we’re playing this month. The Thursday Book Beat discusses the Andrew Smith debate and we mourn the loss of Terry Pratchett. Everything feels like the movies in Canada Reads. Analysis: Image Comics has diversified the industry without diversifying the published creators. There’s a battle of the bands in the latest Jem Jam.

On Friday…

Lady Killer takes the 1950’s nostalgia to task. Amanda takes a look at Seraphim’s apocalypse and Odyssia takes on the Cyclops in Ody-C #3. How do we drink our comics? Star Wars style! The Kickstarter of the Week is The Riveter, an online publication that is aiming higher. DC Daily Planet talks costume changes, and the WWAC staff break down the problems with Wonder Woman’s chaotic new outfit. Meanwhile, The Outhousers have shared Claire’s thoughts on DC’s reprehensible Batgirl variant cover. Reset the counter.

Wonder Woman #41
Problematic crotch flap.
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