Twin Peaks Log: S.2 E.5

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This episode opens with Cooper doing handstands, and he finally–finally!–finds Audrey’s note. Cooper and Harry do their best Hardy Boys impression and break into One Eyed Jack’s to save her. Cooper rescuing Audrey and disarming his knife-wielding attacker is some swoon-worthy stuff. And Hawk makes a heroic rescue, because Hawk is awesome.bang bang bar, twin peaks,

Leland and Leo’s trials are held at the Bang Bang Bar, which is a wonderfully surreal touch. In case we forgot that Twin Peaks is a small town, they apparently don’t even have a courthouse, and two men’s fates are decided in a sleazy roadhouse that doesn’t even sweep the peanuts shells off the floor. (Twin Peaks is also apparently in the vicinity of an abandoned amusement park, naturally.) It’s another sign that despite the town’s appearance of All-American tranquility, they’re all woefully unprepared for the horrors they’re facing.


Cooper’s hair does the adorable stick-up thing again when he wakes up. Even doing his headstand doesn’t smoosh it down completely. You know what else isn’t keeping Coop down? Having been shot five days earlier. He’s a little sore, but fixing it right up with yoga. No big deal!

Graeme Clifford directed this episode. His most famous directorial efforts is 1989’s Christian Slater-starring skateboard drama Gleaming the Cube, but he also edited several films, including Don’t Look Now, The Man Who Fell to Earth, and–the reason his name jumped out at me–The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (That film’s cult status is probably mostly his fault, as it is positively snail-paced. The film runs 100 minutes, but the stage version is a quick 80 minutes even with one more song in it.)

Hardonna, twin peaks, smoking, Smith’s retro-’60s shirt may be a little ahead of its time. I think it’s supposed to make him seem old-fashioned, but I knew a hipster in 1994 who had that same shirt. He wore it with a fedora, back when that was the cutting edge of grandpa chic rather than an indicator of douchebaggery. Harold is the kind of classy guy who gets high school girls to hang out in his house, smoke and drink wine, and tell him sexy anecdotes from their lives. Stranger danger, Donna! But her story about going skinny dipping with Laura and three boys reveals a lot about what it was like being in Laura’s orbit. (Also, Donna’s not a very experienced smoker and ashes on Harold’s floor. Way to go, Donna.) The sexy conversation about orchids is somewhat stunted by the fact that it’s happening between a high school girl and an adult shut-in. But it’s cool, because Donna’s just stringing him along to search for Laura’s diary.

What the hell is in those Black Yukon Suckerpunches they drink at the Roadhouse? There’s some kind of bluish foam on top. Anyway, Leo is declared incompetent to stand trial and is being sent home to enjoy the finest malfunctioning home health equipment Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley (David L. Lander) can provide. And Truman gives a speech that is quite sympathetic to Leland’s plight as a traumatized, grieving father. Apparently, this isn’t a town that’s afraid to be seen as soft on crime. The judge tells Cooper to keep an eye on the woods around Twin Peaks. They’re wondrous, yet strange. NO KIDDING.

Nadine update: she’s home from the hospital and has super strength. She accidentally ripped the door of the fridge and doesn’t seem to remember James. Not that you’d necessarily want to remember James.twin peaks, mr. tajamura,

Ben Horne is hoping Cooper won’t survive the attempt to rescue Audrey from One-Eyed Jack’s. Ben does seem to want to get Audrey back, and he’d like Hank to bring back his briefcase of money too, if possible. Ben is a jerk. He also has some shady business dealings going on, currently with mysterious Mr. Tajamura, because he is the living avatar of weaselly businessmen.

We hear a lot more than anyone ever wanted to know about Deputy Andy’s sperm count, and also learn that Lucy has been looking into her options re: her pregnancy.

The rescue of Audrey at One-Eyed Jack’s starts off with Truman opening the doors with the doorman’s skull, ramps up with Cooper punching a woman in the stomach (because she’s trying to stab him and kill Audrey with a heroin overdose), then gets crazy when Jacques kills Blackie. Hawk gets in on the action and kills a henchman so they can get away with Audrey. This border-crossing, extralegal freelance adventuring is not what our local and federal law enforcement officers are supposed to be doing, but I think people would understand if they saw Audrey, like, wear a sweater or do literally anything at all.

So where are we? Donna and Maddy finally have Laura’s secret diary, and Hawk is continuing to chase leads on the Laura Palmer murder. Everyone else seems to have moved on!

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Another visual clue that something strange is afoot with Harold is his indoor greenhouse. The natural world is a major setting, motif, and character in the show, and while some people will have flowers indoors, Harold is the only person that tries to domesticate nature. He cultivates flowers and plants in a sunless, totally controlled environment. This seclusion of the flowers inside a place that only he has access to is similar to his journal collection: he collects the stories of younger women and hoards them in a secret compartment. Harold is stealing the life force of the plants he grows and the people he lures. It’s like Bluebeard. “You can come in and see me whenever you would like, Donna, but never look inside that top secret shelf.” There were an awful lot of diaries stowed away in his bookshelf. I wonder what those other notebooks contain. Gives me the shivers even thinking about it.

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  1. I feel like the Nadine thing just gets out of hand like it was a funny sideline, but it increasingly takes more screen time, and I don’t quite get why. I like seeing Donna start to become her own agent and get out of the shadow of Laura even if this is still about Laura, but man, why does she have to go back to boring James. Why can’t she just be like Maddie and I are going to start a crime solving team because that would be cool.

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