The Twin Peaks Log: S.2 E.6

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It’s interesting to see Cooper upset with himself because his extra-jurisdictional adventures endangered Audrey, and of course got a bunch of people killed at One-Eyed Jack’s. He mentions that this isn’t the first time someone’s been hurt because he stepped outside his bounds.leland palmer, ben horne, singing, twin peaks, great northern,

But hey, Ben Horne is happy-ish because he got his briefcase of money back (oh and Audrey’s not dead, that’s nice). Ben still doesn’t know that Audrey was the shy “Prudence” at One-Eyed Jack’s. But he’s enough of a clod to suggest to later Leland that he now understands what he’s been through in the two weeks since Laura’s murder. Ben is a terrible person. His attempt to intervene when Leland later starts an impromptu lounge act in the Great Northern dining room doubles down on that, as he suggests Leland is trying to mount an insanity defense in his trial for killing Jacques Renault.

I enjoy watching Bobby — with his cigarette and floppy 1990 haircut — bashing Leo into every possible obstacle while wheeling him around in his wicker-backed wheelchair that looks like it’s straight out of the 1930s. Also the kazoos-and-Jack Daniels party. When Leo faceplants into the cake and Bobby pulls him upright by his ponytail? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

David Lynch finally shows up onscreen as Cooper’s hearing-impaired boss Gordon Cole. He had a voice cameo several episodes back on a speakerphone. I find him absolutely delightful and endlessly fun to imitate. “COOPER, YOU REMIND ME TODAY OF A SMALL MEXICAN CHI-WOW-WOW.” Oh, and Cole has a chess deal from Windom Earle for Cooper.

Remember how Laura Palmer was murdered and people other than Donna Hayward are supposed to be working that case? The cops finally catch up with the One-Armed Man and we get some extra-creepy info about Bob and their prior relationship.twin peaks, mr. tojamura,

So, which additional subplot is your favorite: whatever’s going on with Josie, super-strong amnesiac Nadine Hurley, Ben Horne’s continued dealings with Mr. Tajumora, or teen love triangles involving James Hurley?

Speaking of James, there’s a podcast I’ve enjoyed called “Fire Talk With Me,” in which the co-hosts are watching Twin Peaks, one episode of the show per podcast episode. One host, Jeremy Smith, is a longtime fan of the show, and the other, Allie Goertz, is an unspoiled first-time viewer. (They’re getting close to the end of the series now, so you should avoid later episodes if you don’t want spoilers.) The reason I bring this up is that in a recent episode, they described leather jacket-wearing dimbulb James as, “If Derek Zoolander played the Terminator.” I laughed for about ten minutes and had to share.


Audrey wakes up and realizes Cooper saved her, and it’s a really touching scene. Cooper’s genuine affection for Audrey and his anger over her abduction is a striking contrast to Ben Horne’s insincerity. Ben’s so slimy he should leave an oil slick behind him wherever he goes. (The drive home between the three of them must have been supremely awkward.) Has Ben ever felt a genuine emotion in his life? Well, there’s his look of silent despair at the Great Northern when he realizes Leland is singing.maddy, james, twin peaks, goodbye,

After her big scare at Harold Smith’s house, Maddy decides to leave Twin Peaks and says goodbye to James. Sheryl Lee’s performance as Maddy is really commendable, especially for a young actress in her first major television role. At this point in the show, we’ve seen much more of Maddy than Laura, but Sheryl Lee makes them seem like separate, well-realized women. It’s understandable why Maddy would want to feel like Laura, or be loved like she was, but not even Laura could be Laura very long and live.

Another amazing double role is Al Strobel as Philip Gerard and MIKE. His transformation from “host” to “spirit” is intense and terrifying. Interestingly, most hosts and their inhabiting spirits are portrayed by different actors, but Gerard and MIKE share a face (and a fantastic voice).

I love that final shot of the Great Northern Hotel, ominous and bathed in red light like any horror movie haunted house. Which in a way, the hotel is. Once again, Twin Peaks draws a connection between spirits and wood. The woods in Twin Peaks are full of spirits, and there’s an evil spirit in the Great Northern Hotel.


Ben Horne wasn’t nearly as upset as he should have been with Audrey’s disappearance. He says this has happened before but if for no reason other than avoiding bad publicity with a business deal pending he should have been frantic to find her. Then he showed such a lack of emotion with her safe return. It was sad. A small amount of relief registers but there is no outpouring of love for her or gratitude to Cooper for rescuing her.

Leo was an aggressive ball of rage before the shooting, but there is something even more unsettling about him now that he is incapacitated. It feels like he’s playing possum and is waiting for the perfect moment to make his move. His birthday party get-up made him even a little spookier.

When MIKE transitioned into the spirit’s consciousness it gave me chills. What an incredible, eerie, unsettling performance.

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