Day: March 5, 2015

Game Diary: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (Part 2)

SPOILER WARNING: The second act of Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel! sees myself and Tracy tracking down an oppressed AI named Felicity, rescuing her (the AI identifies as a her) from her uncomfortable developer/boyfriend, and immediately betraying her to Jack. At the end of this cycle, Jack’s trajectory into villainy is almost certain. In my opinion, however,…

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5 Reasons You Should Be At STAPLE! Austin

It is not often that I wish I were in Texas. I drove across the state on my cross-country move from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and I swear I went through some kind of space-time vortex that doubled the pre-calculated time/distance. However, this weekend, I wish I were in Austin, Texas if only so I…

Spider Gwen #1 Robbi Rodriguez Marvel 2015

Eat All the Corn Dogs: Spider-Gwen #1

Spider-Gwen #1 Jason Latour (W), Robbi Rodriguez (A), Rico Renz (C) Marvel Comics Originally, Spider-Gwen was only supposed to have two issues as part of the special “Spider-Verse” event. But from the moment her costume was revealed she had a following and what was only supposed to be two issues became a new female-led ongoing…

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Twin Peaks Log: S.2 E.5

Kayleigh This episode opens with Cooper doing handstands, and he finally–finally!–finds Audrey’s note. Cooper and Harry do their best Hardy Boys impression and break into One Eyed Jack’s to save her. Cooper rescuing Audrey and disarming his knife-wielding attacker is some swoon-worthy stuff. And Hawk makes a heroic rescue, because Hawk is awesome. Leland and…