Mighty Marvel Monday!

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So first thing’s first–

Happy Birthday to my baby sister Tori and her boyfriend Matt, who are turning 33 and 25 respectively, because it’s my column and I’ll shoutout if I want to.

Now on to the Marvel news, prefaced with this disclaimer:

There were amazing Marvel-icious things happening at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, including panels with Hayley Atwell, Clark Gregg, and the man of Marvel himself, Stan Lee. I also saw many many Marvel cosplayers. I was not there, but I look forward to reading the Con Diary and trying to curb my uncontrollable envy of anyone who gets to bask in Queen Atwell’s presence.

Top Marvel Stories

Probably the thing I saw the most about this week is the buzz about the Deadpool movie and Captain America: Civil War, both of which are filming or due to start filming very soon.

This tweet went out from the official Deadpool movie Twitter account and basically broke everything.


The other really big Marvel announcement was the release of the new post-Secret Wars cover with the new post-Secret Wars Avengers lineup. The tagline on the cover reads All-New, All Different and that’s not false advertising.



 Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man are all well-known Avengers, but this is the female Thor, not the Asgardian demigod, and Sam Wilson (aka Falcon), not Steve Rogers. There are also questions about whether that’s Tony Stark in the suit. Spider-Man has also been an Avenger from time to time, but this is Miles Morales, who was Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe before that imprint was cancelled, and has been showing up ever since, and looks like he will be ending up in this new universe post-Secret Wars. Ms. Marvel and Vision are both potentially “junior” members who get a shot at the big time. The last time I saw Vision, it was in Young Avengers, but many things could have happened since then (and probably have). And then there’s Nova, who is definitely the Avenger I know the least about, so I can’t really say much in terms of what he might bring to the team.

Random Marvel-related Things To Be Happy About

More 1602!! Neil Gaiman’s 1602 universe was one of the things that turned me into a Marvel fangirl, so I am incredibly excited that they’re going to continue it with Angela, but also about the Buzzfeed interview itself which mentions that there will be 1602 Bucky Barnes and 1602 Guardians of the Galaxy, and confirms that Bucky Barnes is the most handsome man in the Marvel Universe.

If you ever wanted to live in Stan Lee’s house, you actually can if you have $5 million lying around. This was so random and wonderful I just had to share.

Marvel-inspired fashion is nothing new, but now Marvel has partnered with a subscription fashion website called Five Four to create a line of menswear allegedly inspired by Marvel comics and characters. This article from the Mary Sue showcases some of the ads, videos, and links to the social media.


There is an official Pizza Dog action figure that you can purchase for your very own online. Oh, and he comes with his very own Hawkeye. I am actually excited about the new Hawkeye figure–especially the bruised and bandaged face and what I’m pretty sure is the infamous USB arrow, but Robot6 got the headline right and they even did an impressive photoshoot:


You’re welcome.


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