Day: March 30, 2015

My First Improv Workshop

I’m one of those extroverted introverts. It’s not an oxymoron; it means that I can and do enjoy interacting with people in an energetic way in certain situations. I am comfortable and confident running a role-playing game for strangers at a con. Yet this past Saturday I was terrified to stand in front of my…

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Mighty Marvel Monday!

So first thing’s first– Happy Birthday to my baby sister Tori and her boyfriend Matt, who are turning 33 and 25 respectively, because it’s my column and I’ll shoutout if I want to. Now on to the Marvel news, prefaced with this disclaimer: There were amazing Marvel-icious things happening at Emerald City Comic Con this…

Author: Matt Fraction; Artist: Christian Ward; Ody-C, Image Comics, 2015

The Visual Interference of the Gods: Interview with Christian Ward of Ody-C

One of the most innovative and beautiful comics of the past year has been Matt Fraction and Christian Ward’s Ody-C (Image Comics): a gender-swapped, psychedelic revisiting of the Odyssey in space — although, of course, it’s also much more than that. I talked to Christian Ward about reinterpreting myth, divine psychedelia, and the individuality of…