Ms. Marvel, Jem, He-Man & Nailbiter: Cool Comics of March!

Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why  Willow Wilson Marvel March 24, 2015Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why

Willow Wilson (W), Jacob Wyatt (A), Adrian Alphona (A)
March 24, 2015

I’ve been reading Ms. Marvel in trade, and I am so excited for volume 2. I didn’t get around to reading the first volume right when it came out, but when I did, I was in love. I mean, I knew the hype, I knew it was worth it, but it was just so delightful and refreshing to read. To see this representation of a young Muslim girl taking on the Ms. Marvel mantle and grappling with her Muslim American identity in a complicated and not stereotypical way–just lovely. It’s comics like these that help expand cultural diversity by portraying and representing characters outside of the norm in non-stereotypical ways. You know as people, not caricatures.

— Ginnis

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 4: What Lies Within  Dan Abnett DC March 3, 2015He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 4: What Lies Within

Dan Abnett (w), Michael O’Hare (A), Rafael Kayanan (A)
March 3, 2015

You might be thinking He-Man, really? Or maybe not considering my love of sword and sorcery. I actually haven’t even read the first two trades. I read volume 3 because…SHE-RA! The Princess of Power and aspiration of my childhood. No, I didn’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer, I wanted to be She-Ra or Red Sonja. I wanted a sword and a horse. That was all. Anyway, She-Ra pops up in the volume 3 arc as Adora. Adora is She-Ra’s alter ego. She is twin sister to He-Man, but was kidnapped by Hordak at birth and raised in Etheria. Volume 3 follows the character’s origins and ended with Adora coming to realize the truth, but still not She-Ra. So I am excited to see her origins fleshed out more and watch her take over in #18.

— Ginnis

Nailbiter Volume 2  Joshua Williamson (W), Mike Henderson (A) Image Comics March 17, 2015Nailbiter Volume 2

Joshua Williamson (W), Mike Henderson (A)
Image Comics
March 17, 2015

I read the first volume of Nailbiter last month after picking the Image Comics Humble Bundle. It was a comic that I wasn’t expecting to love but that I found myself unable to put down.

It’s the story of a town called, Buckaroo, Oregon. This town like many small towns, has one main thing that they’re known for. But unlike other towns Buckaroo’s oddity isn’t something they like to brag about. Buckaroo is known as the birthplace of serial killers. To date, they’ve had sixteen serial killers and it doesn’t look they’re done yet. The first volume was intense, it introduced me to NSA agent Nicholas Finch, who has come to Buckaroo to search for his missing partner. But when a new killer starts leaving bodies all over town, he’s forced to team up with Buckaroo’s most notorious killer–Edward “Nailbiter” Warren. It was dark, disturbing, and a little bit Hannibal meets Se7en. But most of all it left me desperate for more.

— Christa

Jem and the Holograms #1  Kelly Thompson (W),Ross Campbell (A) IDW Comics March 25, 2015Jem and the Holograms #1

Kelly Thompson (W),Ross Campbell (A)
IDW Comics
March 25, 2015

Who doesn’t like Jem? Jem is excitement, glamour and glitter, fashion and fame…you get the idea. And I think her brand new comic series will combine all of the above. As someone who grew up adoring the TV show, I am loving the Jem resurgence we’ve been experiencing lately. From our own Jem Jam here on Women Write About Comics, to its appearance on Netflix, the upcoming movie and now a comic. I would probably check out this comic, eventually, no matter what but there are three big factors that make me want it in my hands as soon as possible. The first is that Kelly Thompson is writing it. I’ve really enjoyed her column on Comic Book Resource, She Has No Head, as well as her podcast, 3 Chicks Review Comics, with Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass. I think she has a good head on her shoulders and I trust her to do these characters justice. I am also a big fan of the art in this book. Ross Campbell’s art and M. Victoria Robado’s colours are bright and eye-catching and even on a computer screen, they explode off the page. But the final, and perhaps best reason, is that Kimber and Stormer will officially be lesbians.No tiptoeing around it, no hints or maybes, just straightforward LGBTQ representation. And that’s something worth supporting.

— Christa

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