AMC’s Preacher has a Cassidy

Joe GilgunThe casting news for AMC’s Preacher adaptation continues. First they announced Ruth Negga as Tulip, then Ian Colletti as Arseface.

Now it’s Joe Gilgun — from Misfits and This is England — as the hard-drinking, substance-abusing, poor-decision-making Irish vampire Cassidy.

And I’m actually okay with that.

It took me a little while to come around to the decision, even though I’ve been told he’s an eminently watchable actor. (For some reason, I’ve never seen Misfits.) What helped to sway me was Google Images:

Joe Gilgun Cassidy 1

That’s a Cassidy grin if I ever saw one.

I also hit up YouTube and watched some clips of him in the aforementioned shows, as well as his turn as a savage Fagin-type leader of a child gang in Ripper Street. He’s certainly got the sharp edges necessary to play Cassidy: not in the sexy-bad-boy sense, but in the “might buy everyone a round of drinks or might bite out your throat” sense.

Assuming he can pull off the Irish accent, this could be good for everyone involved.

As Tim Gunn would say, if he was as obsessed with comic book adaptations as he is with fashion: Joe Gilgun, make it work!

Kelly Kanayama

Kelly Kanayama

Staff Writer Kelly was born and raised in Honolulu but now lives in Scotland. She has has an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing, and is currently pursuing a PhD (look! There it goes!) on transatlantic narratives in contemporary comics. As a half-Japanese, half-Filipina woman, she believes that white vinegar is the answer to most of life's problems.