Sad Metal Losers: Date Night With WWAC

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If I’m going to spend Valentines apart from my sweetie, there has to be a reason for it. So let’s begin to weave this alternate reality.

Spring 2015: WWAC launches Patreon campaign (spoiler: this is our reality, so get your wallet ready).

Late 2015: WWAC explodes into cash-richness.

Early 2016: I must travel to Japan, for, you know, comics things. I must travel alone on the company dime because of terrorists obsessed with ethics or whatever.

See, who lives in Japan? Batou. Who is often in Japan? Wolverine. Both are my favourites, but not in ways I want to kiss? Yes! How coincidental.

Batou + Wolverine, Production I.G. WIth Shirow Masamune and Marvel Comics

How wistful I am in 2016, apart from my dearest love on Valentine’s. I wander sadly off to a street vendor, to eat in the cruel spring breeze. Oh! Who is that to my left, crying into his bowl? It’s Wolverine! Oh, and to my right, ordering beers, but annoying the vendor by eating his own pre-packaged gluten rectangles? It’s Batou, and he looks sad too! How miserable Batou and Wolverine always are about romance. It’s a perfect mix. They can be scary, wide, and visibly over-masculine, ensuring my chillness in six different public bars. People don’t half encroach, sometimes, when you’re in a public bar. Go away!! I’m trying to quietly have a taste experience.

B and V can drink ten thousand beers whilst I joyfully try the craftiest cocktails and eat every bar snack. I can tell them how to be more convincing romantic prospects and about being communicative about your life outside of your team dynamic. We all go to get a haircut, but everybody chickens out at the last minute. Batou and Wolvie can chat about whether or not having a metal skeleton makes you a cyborg while I call home.

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