Illustrating the new Thor: Interview with Marguerite Sauvage

By now you’ve likely heard the news. In the current run of Thor, his hammer has passed to a woman. We still don’t ThorAnnual-Sauvage-Variantknow her identity but it’s already time for her to make her first appearance in an Annual. And Marvel didn’t hold back when signing on the creative talent to produce this issue. It’s made up of three short stories written and illustrated by CM Punk and Rob Guillory, Noelle Stevenson and Marguerite Sauvage, and Jason Aaron and Timothy Truman.

When I first heard the news my eyes instantly went to Noelle Stevenson and Marguerite Sauvage. Both of these talented ladies are making their Marvel debut with this issue and I couldn’t be happier. To celebrate this event I had a chance to talk with Marguerite Sauvage about working on such a classic character.

How did you react when you found out you would be illustrating part of the upcoming Thor Annual?

“Thor short-story?” was the title of the first e-mail I got from the editor, Wil Moss. It immediately, of course, catch my attention! What a nice challenge to work on this character, full of potentiality, so new. I love the short format as well, more friendly to me with my background as an illustrator and my new-coming in sequential art. It was as well my first steps in sequential art for Marvel.

Are there any challenges that come with drawing a character like Thor?

She’s still a very new character with a lot of mystery around her, so you have to be careful about that. Moreover you can barely see her face, specially her eyes, through her helmet, so you have to be really expressive by other means like her mouth and her body attitudes

How would you describe the style/tone of your story?

Thor Annual #1 Marguerite Sauvage Marvel 2015The story was cartoony and joyful, so the graphic style is in coherence with this. Some of the cartoony details, like the cross in the eyes of the knocked out hydra, are direct ideas of Noelle. It was a lot of fun to work on ! My favourite part is the one with the sleeping queen.

 What is it like working with Noelle Stevenson?

Wil Moss got a great idea when he decided to make of the two of us a creative team

Are there other Marvel characters you want to work on in the future?

Oh yes ! A LOT ! Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Elektra, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Widow….I should stop here or I will quote too much characters and will probably forgot some important ones !

Just for fun: If Thor joined a rock band what rock band would she join?

Led Zeppelin or Manovar ? Or Rammstein…

Thor Annual #1 Marguerite Sauvage Marvel 2015

Christa Seeley

Christa Seeley

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