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KDrama time travel, Megan P. learns patience, and kittens explode. Here’s what’s been going on this week at WWAC.

On Monday…

Cassie Lang, Stature, Young Avengers Presents v5, Marvel, Jim Cheung pencils with John Dell & Justin PonsorRachel and Jamie review some webcomic gems and Kate thinks you should pay close attention to Cassie Lang in the new Ant-Man movie. Wendy attempts to relive her first RPG, Below the Root. Looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign? Brenda has some tips.

On Tuesday…

Mighty Marvel Monday on a Tuesday? You must be imagining things. Or maybe you were one of the one million people who pre-ordered Marvel’s new Star Wars #1. There’s a showdown at the CBC over this year’s Canada Reads contenders. Not one, but two books from Kate Beaton in 2015. Experience time travel – KDrama style! Do you like Indie puzzle games? Jo has some for you.

CYC 2015-01 complete meal

On Wednesday…

Come for Loki’s salmon, stay for the rainbows and unicorns. The numbers don’t look too good for female representation in December’s comics and graphic novels. Women in games, questionable game content, loyalty rewards, and graphs in this week’s Get Your Game On! Al sings the praises of Bob’s Burger’s Linda and Tina Belcher. Like books? Want to tell us what so great (or not so great) about them? We need you!

On Thursday…

Jo, Jules, and Rachel travel back in time for the release of Magic: The Gathering’s Fate Reforged. Fun fact: Aquaman once threw a polar bear at poachers. Lots of book news from Ardo, Al reviews The Darkest Part of the Forest, and SimCity teaches Megan P. the value of patience.  Also, backers really, really want to see kittens explode in this new Kickstart24

 On Friday…

We share a peek into our geeky lives, Claire judges a manga by its cover, and we share our X-feels. Queers Destroy Science Fiction in Brenda’s Kickstarter of the Week. It’s treat yo’self week with Laura’s DC Daily Planet. Megan P. takes us on an exploration of pregnancy with  Rachel Masilamani’s Plan B-200.

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