Throwbacks, Newcomers, and Legal Malarkey — It’s Another DC Daily Planet

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Well, it’s a week into the new year, and I’ve already procrastinated on my resolutions. Let’s see what DC’s been up to!

It’s been a week of revelations, especially in the girl power — or Power Girl, if you will — area, as DC presented the design for all-new Power Girl, Tanya Spears. There’s been a Power Girl Tanya Spears, DC Comics, Kenneth Rocafort, 2015lot of discussion about her costume — even behind the scenes here at WWAC — but I’m just glad they’ve lost the boob window. At last, I can stop worrying about the damage from high-speed wind getting caught in that fabric!

Power Girl might be getting a makeover, but DC knows nostalgia’s where it’s at: Wonder Woman’s brand new digital first book, Wonder Woman ’77, debuts this year, and Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Marc Andreyko to talk all about it. Apparently a classic WW villain shows up at a disco? Groovy, baby.

Wondie also has a new statue out, based on her N52 costume. Despite my lack of fondness for this particular iteration of her star-studded uniform, it’s actually pretty cool looking. Please feel free to send one along.

In less great news, there’s an estate battle raging — and we all know that’s the least fun kind of battles. The estate of Shirley Liebowitz (widow of DC founder Jacob Liebowitz) is in the midst of some upheaval. I believe the legal term is “total shitstorm.” Anyway, her kids are asserting that her lawyer, Dennis Drebsky (also her estate’s executer, and business manager Ronald Krause “exerted undue influence” on Shirley and convinced her to give her kids a tiny percentage of what an earlier will promised. The whole thing seems messy and sad and distinctly lacking the kind of swift justice we could expect from a comic book using the same plot for dramatic effect.

How are you doing on your resolutions, crusaders? Let me know in the comments!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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