Kickstarter of the Week: Atomic Size Matters

Atomic Size Matters 1

If you ever wanted to learn more about solid state chemistry but aren’t exactly a scientist, this Kickstarter is for you!

As a huge supporter of women and girls in STEM, Veronica Bern’s Kickstarter for Atomic Size Matters gets me excited. Using comics, Veronica wants to share her doctoral thesis in terms that non-chemists can understand.  She grew up with a love of science, taking every science class possible and never missing an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. As a kid, she would have loved to have learned about current research in a similar way.

atomic size mattersThe book aims to take her current research on solid state chemistry and explain the basics behind this work leading up to more complex models, including sections on why we care about solid structure and where the research is going in the future.

Veronica will also be donating a few copies of the book to her high school library and the libraries in Madison, WI where she did her research.

Backer rewards on this campaign are simple as there’s only one level. For $20 you’ll get a print copy if the book.

I love this Kickstarter as not only a way to support women’s work in STEM, but also as a way to share the current scientific research with the public in an easily accessible way. Here’s hoping it inspires at least one girl to become a scientist.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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