The DC Daily Planet: I Need a Lazarus Pit

JLA-JSA Virtue and Vice, David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Guy Major, DC Comics 2002

…to snap me out of my holiday food and babysitting coma. Anybody have one handy? Is it basically a kiddie pool full of coffee? Can anyone bring me one of those?

You know who could also use a Lazarus Pit? The CW’s Arrow! I am still attempting to stay spoiler-free, so I assume this is because Ollie’s cat got hit by a car, or something.

(Don’t tell me!)


 Speaking of our favorite quasi-Robin Hood figure, we’ve already seen multiple crossovers between Arrow and its sister show The Flash on the CW network, but apparently there may be one in the works with Gotham as well, which may be the only thing that could get me to watch Gotham again. Though unusual, cross-network crossovers aren’t unheard of: anyone else remember when Ally McBeal crossed over with The Practice?


Okay, I’m old, I get it.

A much easier crossover exists in the upcoming Shazam movie, which is confirmed to take place in the Batman v. Superman universe. Cool.

I hope you had a great holiday, if you celebrate it, and if you don’t, I hope you’re still having a great Friday, and either way, this clip of Dwayne Johnson singing “Here Comes Santa Claus” oughta brighten your day. I’m going to go eat something dipped in chocolate and brave the day after Christmas sales at the mall.

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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