Life Geek!: 12/11/14-12/25/14


lif geek, claire snail gelClaire

I was walking briskly past Holland & Barrett this week when something brought me up short: snails. Snails to go on your face; a concoction of snail-based “beauty product.” It sounded horrible, so I had to know more. Here are the facts: apparently snail slime gives a Wolverine-like effect when smeared onto the skin of a human. Disgusting, fascinating, I bought two. No snails were harmed in the making of this product. I’m gonna read Uzumaki in the bath and try not to cry.

Bitch Planet PromoKate

For Christmas this year, I asked my parents for a Kindle Fire, since I’ve never had one and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more published fiction. We’re pretty casual about Christmas presents being a “general December” kind of thing and not necessarily having to be wrapped and only opened on Christmas, so when it showed up, imagine my delight to discover there’s a Comixology app! First digital comics purchase: Bitch Planet #1. Happy Christmas to me!



The Shining, Stephen King, 1980Al Rosenberg

Starting my winter re-read of my Stephen King collection; this year, I began with The Shining. It’s playing well into the PC game I’m currently working on getting through, The Stanley Parable. They lend each other new eerie edges, and I enjoy wondering how King would feel about Stanley’s dilemma.


Steam Holiday Sale | Valve Corporation

I am suffering from severe gaming first world problems. I have too many games, and I don’t know which one to play next! This is the worst time to be going through this kind of struggle, because Steam’s Holiday Sale is no help at all. No help! What ever am I to do? *sobs quietly over her gaming laptop*

Desiree Rodriguez

Desiree Rodriguez_Geeklopedia screenshot

Desiree Rodriguez_Geeklopedia screenshotDesiree Rodriguez_Geeklopedia screenshotMy beta for The Geeklopedia is up! The beta showcases some sample posts and what I’ll be focusing on on the site, along with a mission statement. My goal is to create a resource site about comics for new and old fans alike. Hoping to get a Kickstarter for the site posted by January! So while the site is still in the development stages, I have high hopes for it. So check it out and maybe drop me a line about what resources you want to see that deal with comics. Other than that, applying for school has been a hassle but I’m excited for the Holidays. Mainly comic sales; Comixlogy has had some great sales recently; I’ve been stocking up.


Ginnis Tonik_buffy necklaceThis beaut is a Christmas present from my beau. It’s a sterling silver stake for my Buffy fangurlness. When we first started dating, I told him I wouldn’t even consider calling him my bf until he had watched all seven seasons of Buffy. He did. And he loved it. Oh, and those are my super awesome flannel cowgirl pajamas.


Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

Smashing the patriarchy with glitter, pink lipstick, and cowboy boots. You can follow her on Instagram @ginnistonik