Viktoria Modesta, Prototype video

Haunting Women

Carly Janine Mazur art I first saw Carly Janine Mazur’s illustrations in the pages of Nightmare Magazine. She’s a Connecticut based artist who works primarily in oils and acrylic, and her work is definitely on the dark and haunting side.

Similarly, Craww’s work features horned figures, birds, and women’s faces tilting upwards. Much of the shapes happen organically through ink spilled across the page which is then worked into an illustration. There’s a small sample of Craww’s work here, or you can find the artist’s website here.

— Sarah

Santa Does Haute Couture

Designer Santa played with the iconic look of Coca Cola’s Santa Claus by switching out his red suit for the wardrobe of fashion designers. Scrolling through the page shifts Santa into the looks of Alexander Wang, Acne Studios, Hood by Air, Kenzo, Marni, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and Saint Laurent. Each version of Santa is available as a downloadable Christmas card.

— Romona

Viktoria ModestaProsthetic Art

A friend alerted me to popstar and differently abled woman Viktoria Modesta via this video. This then turned into a spiral of non-productivity at work as I had to find out more about this woman’s act. Modesta voluntarily elected to have a below the knee leg amputation due to health concerns. She represents the Alternative Limb Project that creates designer prosthetics. Of course, these are very expensive, and I can’t imagine they are covered by insurance. I appreciate that her prosthetic (and often lackthereof as she depicts herself without it) challenges notions of what is sexy, but I still can’t ignore that Modesta is white and thin. Also, this article makes some interesting points about Modesta’s act.

— Ginnis

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Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson is a graphic artist living in Chicago. In addition to illustrating and laying out tabletop RPGs and zines, she burns through comics and books as fast as her eyes can move. Sarah swears a lot on twitter as @scorcha79.