Day: December 27, 2014

Viktoria Modesta, Prototype video


Haunting Women I first saw Carly Janine Mazur’s illustrations in the pages of Nightmare Magazine. She’s a Connecticut based artist who works primarily in oils and acrylic, and her work is definitely on the dark and haunting side. Similarly, Craww’s work features horned figures, birds, and women’s faces tilting upwards. Much of the shapes happen organically…

R/W: Resolve, Rethink, and Write [GIFs]

My deepest regret for 2014 is that I spent so little time writing. Instead, I focused on growing the site — worth the attention, obviously, and it did pay off. But I’ve been wanting to get back into a rhythm of writing substantively, regularly, and without agony. Then Angel tweeted about building a personal blog calendar and whoa — whoa,…