Mighty Marvel Monday: Thanos Vs. Your Stupid Dumb Face

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Here we are, Marvel Mondayers, in the post-Cumberstrange world — an announcement that elicited almost no response, maybe because we’d all already resigned ourselves to this outcome. Whatevs, Marvel.

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Mike Colter, who I have a suspicion would still be foxy even if they go with the “metal tiara” Luke Cage costume.

Casting news not related to Stephesy Strange: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have been cast for Netflix’s Daredevil. Mike Colter (of The Good Wife) will be playing Nic Cage’s namesake (I am not kidding) and Krysten Ritter will be playing Jessica Jones. I’m not familiar with Colter’s work, but having seen Ritter’s work on Breaking Bad, I’ll be interested to see her take on Jones’ PTSD.

USA Today has a helpful list of “homework” for those who want to play catch-up on all the heroes slated for films in Marvel’s Phase Three. They suggest reading the original Ant-Man, a choice I endorse: do not read The Ultimates Mark Millar wife-beating Ant-Man if you ever want to feel remotely okay with the character again. They also suggest Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s The Oath for those looking to get into Doctor Strange, which is a great book that everyone should read.

Stan Lee said that a crossover film from Fox, Sony, and Marvel could make, quote, “a trillion dollars!”, which lead some people on the internet to write headlines like “Stan Lee Confirms Marvel Crossover Film?!” Guys, Stan Lee is like a million years old and a total looneybird, you can’t trust the things that come out of his mouth. Calm down.

Marvel has launched their website for Age of Ultron, which features totally rad, extreme sections such as “synopsis”!

Still from Avengers: Infinity War
Still from Avengers: Infinity War

It’s Thanos VS. Everyone, according to Josh Brolin! Thanos Vs. Your Mom! Thanos Vs. A Dog! Thanos Vs. The Criminal Justice System!

I am super behind on all comics, so everyone catch me up. Is Scott Summers still the worst? I expect answers by next Monday.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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