Day: December 8, 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition Initial release date: November 18, 2014 Series: Dragon Age Developer: BioWare Publisher: Electronic Arts

Inquisition Diaries #5: Guest Inquisitors

SPOILER WARNING: These diaries will contain spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition (DAI), as well as its predecessors, Dragon Age: Origins (DAO) and Dragon Age II (DA2), and may also contain spoilers from the tie-in materials. If you’re new to this whole Dragon Age business and want to know what the hell I’m going on about,…

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Local Comic Shop Visit: Pieces & Pages

There are a lot of comic book shops between Ann Arbor’s Vault of Midnight and Dearborn’s Green Brain Comics, and after moving to Wayne County I taste-tested most of them Goldilocks style. Some retailers have awesome title selections, but no event offerings. Others have both of those features, but bizarrely do not offer pull lists….

Rules for New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve. It hasn’t been fun since I was nine years old, the year I covered myself in party streamers, and ran around and around my parents and their friends, while they sang Latvian drinking songs. There were a few other semi-good times between NYE 1992 and the aughts, but not many.