Incredible Indie Tuesday: Creative Team Changes & Disability in Comics

carolyn nowak, lumberjanes #9, kaBOOM studios, 2014

Indie news is a bit slow this week, but there’s still some awesome news nuggets amid the growing tsunami of Year’s Best lists.

carolyn nowak, lumberjanes #9, kaBOOM studios, 2014First up, some creative team shake-ups over at two popular kaBOOM! series. Artist Carolyn Nowark is taking over penciling duties on Lumberjanes for 3 issues starting in January. Regular co-creator Brooke Allen will be back in April, but in the mean time it’ll be fun to see another artist’s take on this book’s distinctive look.

zachary sterling, adventure time, kaBOOM studios, 2014Also coming in January, Adventure Time is getting a whole new creative team. The departing creative team of Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb have been with the book since its debut in 2011, and starting with issue #36 writer Chris Hastings and artist Zachary Sterling will be taking over. Interestingly enough, Chris Hastings, creator of the popular and hilarious Dr McNinja, comes from a webcomics background just like Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame. The Adventure Time comic has spawned oodles of miniseries and graphic novel spin-offs, so the continued success of this book is a big deal to publisher kaBOOM!’s fortunes.

cece bell, el deafo, 2014Physical and mental disabilities still face so much stigma in society, and two lovely recently released books open up the conversation in an honest, powerful way. Hearing-impaired creator Cece Bell talks to NPR about latest book, El Deafo, is a mix of memoir, graphic novel and children’s book about her experiences growing up. Next, creator Eric Orchard talks about his life with mental illness and the how that impacts the themes in his new work Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the ThimblewitchHaving books like this on the market is vital to representing those with physical and mental disabilities,especially those for younger readers like these two.



Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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