Day: December 16, 2014

Title: Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series Genre: Adventure Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Release Date: 2 Dec, 2014

Game of Thrones Game Ep 1: Iron from Ice

I am on a mission to convert non-gamers to the wonderful world of gaming, and Telltale Games is helping me with my goals by offering interactive stories based on popular series. I’ve talked about their The Walking Dead and Fables games in the past. Now it’s time to get bloody with Game of Thrones. You don’t…

Saint Dick Maas Parachute Pictures 2010

Merry Scary Christmas: Saint

Saint Dick Maas Parachute Pictures Netherlands It’s night, and a gang of outlaws charge through the streets of a medieval village, led by a man in a bishop’s outfit, to attach a list of demands on a door before retreating to their ship. The villagers are tired of this gang’s demands, and prove themselves surprisingly…