My Perfect Halloween

Them poster, Gordon Douglas, 1954

A perfect Halloween? That’s subjective. Good thing we have 80s babies, 90s babies, moms and singletons on staff. I asked the WWAC staff and contributors what their perfect Halloween looks like.


A get-together with my friends that involves fall-themed potluck foods, everyone hanging out in the kitchen and/or on the backporch with beers in hand. Some good murder ballads in the background. We hosted an Oktoberfest party this past weekend where we had a sausage bar. We created a makeshift table for ten on the sunporch and played bean bag toss in the backyard. It was a big hit!

The Tingler poster, William Castle, 1959


My ideal Halloween is simple: I want to curl up in bed with my husband (and possibly a dog or two) and eat snacks while we watch horror movies. That’s fun any day, but it’s what we did on our first Halloween as a couple, which happened to be the day I was released from the hospital after a near-fatal bout of viral pneumonia. We had been dating less than a month, but he was more than willing to take care of me and make sure I got all my medications on time. I was still really weak and not capable of much activity, so he rented a stack of movies for us.

We watched The Tingler, because William Castle is perfect for people like me who like horror movies that are more silly than scary, and Vincent Price makes anything worth watching. Them! is a good follow-up because hooray for giant, radioactive ’50s ants. Then I saw Poltergeist for the first time, and I loved it even though it was actually pretty scary in some parts. The scene when all the kitchen cabinets and furniture are in disarray, just seconds after everything is in order – why is that SO creepy? And I don’t have a fear of clowns, but that stupid creeping clown doll really got to me. I found myself trying to crawl behind my very amused boyfriend for safety.

That night, I was mostly celebrating not being dead. And you know what? That’s also good to do any time of year.


Perfect Halloween: Going through time to Halloween throughout the ages hooked onto Moundshroud’s cape.



My best Halloween so far was spent dressed like Jerry Only in a haunted hotel. I almost died; we watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and oh boy, that film is funny. Choked on a chimichanga, my grave would have read, which would be fine except it was full of rubbery cheese and quite horrible. I’ve not tried another since. This year is the first in my new house, and this house just so happens to be in a town which is contender for Most Haunted UK Town. Ha-HAH! Battle ghosts, religious ghosts, ghostly maids, ghosts with opinions about furniture, and probably around my domicile the ghosts of many pigs who, within, became ham. I am excite. I may attend a talk on Satan in the evening.

I have made two pumpkin cheesecakes (in fact: one pumpkin and one onion squash, which was noticeably tastier), taken windfall fruit from a graveyard, won a full set of Simon & Duffy Halloween-scented candles(!), and decorated our door-glass with frightening gel “bloody handprints.” All set.

Claire Napier, 2011, Jerry Only, Big Money Hustlas
Best pals

Kelly G.

Going to Theatre Bizarre again. Seven floors of masquerade, drinks, burlesque, and RED EVERYTHING. Once I got in by giving someone a painting. Best party I’ve been to, ever. Lasted from 10pm-4am.


My husband and I are going on a haunted trolley tour and to dinner! A friend is taking the kids trick or treating, so that’s pretty perfect right there 😀

Kelly KanayamaKelly K.

My perfect Halloween is all about the costumes. I take Halloween dressing-up way too seriously, so whenever I manage to get friends to go crazy with the costuming — and to join me on a night out so we can show off — it’s a victory. Actually, the best Halloween-ish night was in the middle of summer: for my UK bachelorette party, I had a “Heroes and Villains” theme, so my girlfriends dressed up as Silk Spectre, Princess Leia, the Joker, Two-Face, and more to send me off into married life. I tend to prefer glamorous/geeky costumes to scary ones; always have. My grandmothers made my costumes when I was a kid (and they turned out great: see right), and when I got older I started assembling them myself. At the age of 8, I convinced my mom to let me be Christine Daae from The Phantom of the Opera for Halloween, which was probably a sign that I was going to turn out…well, like this.

I was a really picky eater as a child and have a lot of food allergies, so candy was never part of the equation. Still, trick-or-treating was fun, because it meant I got to be seen in whatever I was wearing. (A love of the spotlight runs in the blood!) Horror, too, was never a part of Halloween for me, mostly because I was and am a huge wuss.

Plus, when I was growing up, I went to my share of “Harvest Festivals” or whatever we called them; my family church was that particular kind of evangelical that discourages the celebration of Halloween but can’t stop people from wearing costumes, as long as they don’t celebrate the “demonic.” For the first Festival, we were encouraged to dress up as Biblical characters. I wanted to be an Egyptian queen, since Egypt appears in the Old Testament a lot and the Pharaoh in Exodus must have had a wife, right? To this day, I won’t dress up as a ghost or skeleton or similar, and I think those Festivals have something to do with that.

This year was going to be a sad Halloween (sadloween) because I couldn’t get a group together for costumes/partying/etc. Luckily, my husband has suggested a two-person “spooky party,” which will involve watching Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror episodes, drinking hot cider, wearing as many blankets as possible, and probably making stupid jokes while attempting not to move from the couch, because marriage is great. Party on!


Ok, spill! What’s your perfect Halloween look like?

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