Master Post: Don’t Go into the Woods! All Our Halloween Posts Are Here

Suburban Gothic: Ghosts

Still don’t know what to do this spooky, scary Halloween night? Want to make a thing, do a thing, or eat a thing? We’ve got suggestions. Maybe you’d like to stay home and scare yourself silly. Boy, have we got you covered.

Find all of our many Halloween reviews below.

Fear Street, Lights Out Cover, 1991Book Reviews

Tales from the Twitter: R.L. Stine Started a Twitter Horror Story Trend (Ginnis)
A Trip Down Fear Street: The Sleepwalker #06 (Ginnis)
If You Like…American Horror Story Freak Show (Christa)

Game Reviews

Scary Times with Dice: Murderous Ghosts Review (Sarah)
Ghoulish Gaming: 13 Games to Play with the Lights On (Sarah)


WWAC Staff Halloween Costumes of Yore (various)
Cook Your Comics: Easy Chili a la Green Arrow (Annie)
My Perfect Halloween (various)

Wytches, Image Comics, 2014, Scott Snyder (writer), Jock (artist)

Comic Reviews

Women, Words, Werewolves, and a Life in Three Parts: A Joint Review of Age of the Wolf (Claire and Desiree)
Short & Sweet: Halloween Candy! Five Creator-Owned Feminist Horror Comics (various)
“Why Are We Obsessed with Monsters?”: A Review of The October Faction #1 (Ginnis)
Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 (Kelly K)
The Woods Are Full of Horrors:” A Review of Scott Snyder’s Wytches #1 (Ginnis)
Reviews Roulette: Creepy #18, Costume Quest, and I Was the Cat (various)

Poster: ABCs of DeathMovie Reviews

Finding Feminism in Horror: Part I (various)
Finding Feminism in Horror: Part II (various)
Scariest Movie of My Life: Alien (Ginnis)
Scariest Movie of My Life: Event Horizon (Laura H.)
The Scariest Movie of My Life: Ringu (Angel)
Scariest Movie of My Life: Uzumaki (Sarah)
Scariest Movie of My Life: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Annie)
Scariest Movie of My Life: Poltergeist 2 (Romona)
Suburban Gothic, with Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings, Is Rad (Megan P)
ABCs of Death 2: Comme Ci, Comme Ça (Megan P)

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