Multifarious: Art Untranslatable

Virginie Ropars doll

I am sucker for typography and illustration. These illustrations by artist Ellen Frances Sanders depicting untranslatable words combine my favorite things: typography, illustration, and the charming and often frustrating nuance of languages:

Waldeinsamkeit, by

Komorebi, by Ella Frances Sanders


While you are at it, take a look at her other work.

— Ginnis

Aaaaah. So beautiful. Why, why can’t Jodorowsky just sit and patiently narrate Dune to me as I page through the loveliest book ever made about a movie that wasn’t? (Als, the documentary is up on Netflix if you haven’t seen it). Here’s some of the pretty contained within said book.

Are these creepy or cute? How about just strangely compelling? Virginie Ropars’s dolls are here.

— Sarah

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