Day: October 18, 2014

Virginie Ropars doll

Multifarious: Art Untranslatable

I am sucker for typography and illustration. These illustrations by artist Ellen Frances Sanders depicting untranslatable words combine my favorite things: typography, illustration, and the charming and often frustrating nuance of languages:   While you are at it, take a look at her other work. — Ginnis Aaaaah. So beautiful. Why, why can’t Jodorowsky just sit…

“Super Jeffrey” Statue of Jeffrey Baldwin Unveiled Today in Toronto

Today in Greenwood Park, in Toronto, a statue of “Super Jeffrey” is being unveiled. It commemorates five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin, starved to death in 2002 by his grandparents.  Installed on a park bench, itself inscribed with messages of consolation and the names of people who helped fund the project, the statue is intended to be interactive and provocative. “It…

Addicted to Ladies Night

I’m sure it was Fate, that blustery, not quite spring day, when my friend and I ventured off to Toronto Comic Con. I was determined to find a copy of Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless, but none of the vendors had heard of it — until I got to Comic Book Addiction. Yes, we love Princeless, they…