Life Geek: 09/26/14 – 10/09/14


We’ve moved Life Geek! to a bi-weekly lifestyle feature to make way for some other lifestyle features. Enjoy a brief look into our geeky and not-so geeky lives.

Ginnis Tonik, Lifestyle Editor

Life Geek - Ginnis, duck herding

My bestie and I took our pups to the annual Denton Dog Days. Besides a copious amount of free treats and an additional purchase of fancy take-home treats, we got to watch some duck herding. Yes, that’s right duck herding. My own dog, a hound/retriever mix, was very intrigued by the ducks. She nearly took my arm off when she spied them across the field.

Mai Pucik, Contributor

Life Geek - Mai, cross stitchI’ve been nibbling away at weelittlestitches’ “Spider-Man & Villains” pattern, and I’m almost halfway done. After Rhino, I have J. Jonah Jameson, Chameleon, and Venom to add, plus the motto in backstitch underneath. It’s done on 16 count Aida in Ice Blue with two strands of embroidery floss.

Romona, Staff Writer

Life Geek - Romona, photographyLast week, I went on a family trip, and one day we lunched at a fancy restaurant. Tucked around the corner from our table hung this picture. As an amateur photography enthusiast, this caught my eye. There is so much activity going on in this scene, the angle is perfect; when I look at it it feels like I’m there. And how cool is that guy in his whitey-tighties? It turned out that one of my cousins noticed this on the restaurant wall on a previous visit and has a framed photo of the photo up in her home. I took this photo and plan to frame it, too. My cousin lives across the country, and we only see each other a few days a year, so each time I see this party I’ll think of her.

Claire Napier, Assistant Editor

Life Geek - claire, apple jellyMy sweetie and I were on a Sunday walk last weekend when we chanced across an apple tree gone rogue. Small apples, not farm-sized. All over the ground. Naturally, we picked some up, because if there’s something better than delicious food it is FREE delicious food. A few blackberries (also from the hedge) tossed in, sugar, water, straining, sieving… and we have three small jars of apple jelly and two medium jars of apple cheese. #LiveMoomin

Not to mention, soon my undercut will be grown far enough out that I can go for the Little My bun…

Chelsea Ann, Staff Writer

Life Geek - Chelsea Ann, lumberjanes

We hosted a Lumberjanes campout at my property where we filmed our first Print Julep webisode.  And also, dressed up like Lumberjanes. Because reasons.

Ardo Omer, Staff Writer

Life Geek - ardo, storm

I finally got the Storm story arc written by author Eric Jerome Dickey that features Black Panther. I’ve read some of Dickey’s work so it was exciting to discover he wrote a limited run on Storm. I also got an Advanced Reader’s/Reviewer’s Copy (ARC) of Stan Lee’s new book, Zodiac, about an Asian superhero! I’m sooooo excited for this book. Lastly, I’ve been watching the first season of Brooklyn Nine Nine which is perfect. So funny and perfect.

Kelly K, Staff Writer

Life Geek - Kelly K has dreams about Cassidy and grad schoolI’ve just started my PhD in comics research, and it’s been giving me weird dreams about Cassidy from Preacher. Last night I dreamed that I had to give a PowerPoint presentation — using panels from the comic — to a group of women to explain why no one should ever date him. He existed as a real person in the dream but had his own comic. I don’t know how that worked. Also, I was wearing a sweet dark blue suit when I gave this dream presentation. Academia, everybody!

Wendy Browne, Editorial Assistant

Life Geek - Wendy B, kid gaming, MinecraftMy daughter turned nine this month and for her birthday, we got her her very own Steam account, as well as Minecraft so that she can follow along in Mommy and Daddy’s gaming footsteps. She’s already been playing games like Scribblenauts Unlimited and building her own worlds in Little Big Planet. She also plays online games. Some are related to toys she plays with, such as Webkinz and LaLa Loopsy, but she also likes the more educational sites like Hooda Math and Prodigy.

Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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