Who ya gonna call? Ladies. GhostBusters 3 is Officially A THING.

ghostbusters ghost sex scene, aisha taylor & ryan gosling

27574919.sfAs of yesterday, and Paul Feig’s tweet,  Ghostbusters 3 is actually happening.

When rumors flew early in September that Bill Murray had given his blessing for the idea of an all female Ghostbusters cast, it was easy to shrug it off — the same way Wonder Woman fans have gotten used to doing with the rumors and possibilities of her solo film. Tossing fan candy to us hopefuls, Murray had lightheartedly called upon Kristin Wiig, Emma Stone, Linda Cardellini, and Melissa McCarthy to suit up and tote some proton packs.

But wait, there’s MORE!  On top of the cast being set to debut and a star-studded female lineup, the new writer is none other than Katie Dippold, who also wrote The Heat.

Being a fan of all of these women, and sharing a 30th birthday with one of my favorite film franchises of all time, I cannot disagree with the suggested new cast, and can hardly contain myself over the new lady writer! Score for the hardcore lady types!

Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) has reportedly chosen to go the way of the reboot rather than a continued story line. Most likely for the best, as with the recent and tragic passing of original Ghostbusters writer, director, and star, Harold Ramis. (Also my first crush ever. It was definitely the giant brain [and epididymis? — ed.]  and all the science toys.) It’s probably for the best to leave our beloved Venkman, Spangler, Stantz, and Zeddemore in the totally rad 1980’s, with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Zuul. (And Dana’s wicked perm.)

Feig is also saying he’d like to make this film as scary as it is hilarious. Mayhaps we’ll see input from the likes of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the current experts at “scary & funny as hell?”

Speculations as to repeated scenes to be spotted in this new reboot? Will there be a serial dating, academic hack? How about ladies of color added to a presumably pale trio? Any handsome ghosts of Gosling hovering over the bed and sex-teasing our supernatural exterminators? Any Twinkie innuendos? And of course, the ultimate question:

Who takes Janine’s torch?

I vote THIS GUY. (Or Nick Swardson. Tough call.) The door is wide open for this film to explore diversity, humorously attack taboos, and draw new lines in the industry as we know it.

As for this hard core Ghostbusters fan, I’m all in for this reboot. Hoping for the license to be optioned for comic prints regarding our new lady heroes. It sounds like it keeps getting better!  But so help me, Feig, give us a few amazing homages, and please don’t screw up Ecto1.

And if Slimer doesn’t come back, I might demand you shut down the grid.

Who would you like to call upon to destroy Downtown New York City hotel banquet rooms?  Leave your comments below!

photo courtesy of TheMovieBlog.com
photo courtesy of TheMovieBlog.com

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  1. Will there be a dream sexual ghost in this I heard rumors that Melissa is going to have a ray dream. Also heard rumors of a possible slimmer cameo

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