Month: September 2014

Staff Picks: September Comics

Madame Frankenstein #5 Jamie S. Rich, Megan Levens Image Comics We’re reaching the climax of this seven-issue miniseries, a reimagining of the Frankenstein story with a feminine perspective, set in the early 1930s. Levens’ black and white art is gorgeous and lively, and Rich’s story provides an interesting twist on the familiar tale. Nailbiter #5…

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The Thursday Book Beat: Censoring Children’s Books

“Slut”: Should The Word Be In Children’s Books? Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes has been removed from an Australian supermarket chain due to complaints from parents on the inappropriate language used in the 1982 book. The unacceptable word in question is “Slut”. ‘What’s all the racket?’ Cindy cried. ‘Mind your own bizz,’ the Prince replied. Poor Cindy’s heart was…

Finally! The Rock Announces Black Adam Role

When The Rock announced he would be joining the Warner Bros/DC cinematic universe, many people were ecstatic for the news. Then he alluded that he would possibly be playing the roles of either Shazam or Black Adam. Again, many were excited. Then for weeks there was this constant bombardment of “news” that essentially rehashed previous information of The…

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September Staff Picks: Movies

Tusk Kevin Smith Genesis Rodriguez, Haley Joel Osment, and Justin Long Demarest Films I . . . don’t know what to think about this movie. When I saw the first part of the trailer, I thought it might just be a spoof of something, maybe? I mean, I can’t take Justin Long seriously. And then…

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Get Your Game On Wednesday

Make your own disease with Bio Inc. for Android Creepy but fascinating, this newly released game is a biomedical strategy simulator allowing the user to develop the most lethal illness possible. PAX Prime in three minutes If you couldn’t make it to this year’s PAX Prime, check out the three minute hyperlapse over at PC Gamer….

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September Staff Picks: Books!

Broken Monsters Lauren Beukes Little, Brown and Company From the author of The Shining Girls, the newest book follows female homicide detective Gabi Versado as she tangles with failed-artist-turned-murderer Clayton Broom. I enjoyed the creepiness of The Shining Girls and it sounds like Broken Monsters follows the same path. — Brenda