Day: September 2, 2014

stock: Weird Horrors, digital comics museum

September Staff Picks: Books!

Broken Monsters Lauren Beukes Little, Brown and Company From the author of The Shining Girls, the newest book follows female homicide detective Gabi Versado as she tangles with failed-artist-turned-murderer Clayton Broom. I enjoyed the creepiness of The Shining Girls and it sounds like Broken Monsters follows the same path. — Brenda

Home Sewing is Easy by Sally Sititch

Crafting Geeky: Damnit Jim!

Etsy is a cross-stitcher’s best friend, if you don’t mind paying a few dollars here or there for patterns. I decided to move on to an actual pattern as designed by someone else with all the details laid out, maybe I would get my spacing right (spoiler alert: I didn’t). Searching the multitude of patterns…