Incredible Indie Tuesdays: Webcomics, Kids’ Comics, and Trippy Sci-Fi Goodness

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christian ward, ody-c prologue coverPrologue to Matt Fraction and Christian Ward’s Ody-C Comes Online, Not to be Included with Comic

The creators of this sci-fi, gender-swapped retelling of The Odyssey have put up a prologue to the story that won’t be included in the comic itself. It’s beautiful and strange, absolutely unlike anything that’s on the stands today. Christian Ward’s colors on this piece are out of this world. If this is a taste of what’s to come on this series, sign me up. Though I might have to brush up on my Homer to make sure I’m following along.

Webcomics, Art and Publishing: Interview with Rice Boy’s Creator Evan Dahm

Some of the biggest crowd-funded projects have been print publications of webcomics, which gives creators a chance to get a book created without having printing funds up front. A recent example is an artbook featuring works from webcomic creators, including Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots and Yuko Ota of Johnny Wander. This interview with co-founder of the publisher Benign Kingdom and creator of the gorgeous Rice Boy webcomic talks how the project came to be and the state of webcomics publishing.

Dark Horse Expanding its Children Comic Offerings in 2015

There’s been no end of talk in the industry over just how to hook kids into reading comics, and Dark Horse is tackling that children’s market with a slew of graphic novels aimed at younger readers. Much of the success in the children’s market can be attributed to the book and library markets, so it’s intersting to see a direct market publisher like Dark Horse taking this on. We’ll see how successful their venture is in 2015 when the books get into the little hands of young readers.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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  1. I am soooooooooo excited Ody-C. I love classical greek lit and I love Matt Fraction. Oh, and the colors look amazing!

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