Mighty Marvel Monday: Too Much Deadpool

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This Marvel Monday is being written from a train! I am on my way home from a trip to Boston, so you get to enjoy some news composed while gazing out at the scenic backs of factories and vacant lots as I criss-cross this great nation the American way — on Amtrak, with significant delays!


There’s too much Deadpool news this week, so let’s knock it out of the way, because ugh, Deadpool:


You’re getting a Deadpool movie whether you like it or not. Will it be good? Probably no! But will it appeal to masses of fanboys with Deadpool belt buckles, yielding a high-profit quarter for Hot Topic? Most definitely yes! You can see some footage of Ryan Reynolds saying many quips if you click the link above, which also veers into some weird uncanny valley CG territory.


Deadpool's Art of War #1. W: Peter David. A:  Scott Koblish.
Image from Newsarama. Deadpool’s Art of War #1.


Also, because we don’t already have enough Deadpool books and minis and omnibuses, here’s another: Deadpool’s Art of War, a retelling Sun Tzu’s classic text, because we needed that.




Issue #2 of Edge of Spider-Verse, featuring an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy becomes Spider-Man/woman, was a runaway hit, with many demanding an ongoing series from Marvel (including me. Seriously, go tweet at Marvel and force your friends to buy this book!). All-girl band Married With Sea Monsters helped with the Spider-Gwen lovefest by recording their version of “Face It Tiger,” the fake song performed by The Mary Janes in the beginning of the comic. Give it a listen!


All-New Ghost Rider is not cancelled! The series, which had been being drawn by Tradd Moore and written by Felipe Smith, was something of a cult hit, with even newbie Ghost Rider readers hopping on board, and the rumor of its possible cancellation after issue twelve was met with confusion and dismay. Hooray for Marvel, allowing good books to continue to live!

Avengers #38, 2014. W: Jonathan Hickman. A: Stefano Caselli. Variant: Chip Zdarsky.
Image from Nerdist. Avengers #38 variant cover by Chip Zdarsky.


This November, Marvel will release twenty variant covers for their books, all featuring Groot and Rocket Raccoon paying homage to classic comic covers, because we now live in a time when normal people can buy Rocket Raccoon toys at Target. My personal favorite is the tribute to Avengers #57 by Sex Criminals‘ Chip Zdarsky.



Okay, back to staring out the window while I contemplate all the work waiting for me at home. See you next week, Marvellites!


Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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