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If you know me (heck, even if you don’t), you know I love all things Hawk. My obsession with Hawkeye in particular began at my very first con, Emerald City 2010. I met Chris Giarrusso, picked up his Mini Marvels, and instantly fell in love. The portrayal was a character that everyone else forgot about or ignored, even when he was a major help. The humour and the pity had me hooked, and I decided then and there that he was my favourite marvel character (aside from a childhood crush on Gambit of course).

My geek girls and I have a chat going on where we sometimes, or mostly, send each other links of hilarious things we find on the internet. One day a link was sent, and it was specified for me. It was for a free cross-stitch pattern from Tumblr for naked Hawkeye. You know, the one from Matt Fraction’s issue #3 where Clint dives across the bed in the nude with only a Hawkeye mask covering his hawkdong. I saved it and said that this would be my next project. Cut to months later, and I still haven’t started. It isn’t until I’m told that Matt Fraction will be attending Emerald City 2014, and I would have the very awesome chance to have him sign my work that I finally started. This news gives me one month to complete my very first image stitch, am I up to the challenge?

Hawkeye stitch

I continue to use my mom’s method of stitching a cross-section in the middle. It may not have worked last time, but that won’t stop me from trying! The black outline is the simplest part yet it still takes me a couple of weeks, mostly because life got hectic; yet another testament to me not taking enough time for myself, but that’s a topic for another day. But guess what? No spacing errors this time!

cross stitch 1       cross stitch 2     cross stitch 3

The real challenge now is filling in all the colour, a daunting task. The Star Trek Insignia was irritatingly slow to complete, so I started with the purple of Hawk’s mask because I knew it would finish quickly and therefore offer instant (ish) gratification. Oh my god, it looks so good! This makes me so excited to fill in the rest.

cross stitch 4

I finish the project with only a few days to spare. I then had to hum and ha over what frame to use and buy a sharpie that would be good on the glass (of course, I didn’t think to take out the matte so he could sign that instead).

This project made me the most excited, not only because it is my first real image and it looks awesome, but also because I got to share it with Matt Fraction! He was so friendly and just as excited as I was about my cross-stitch (although he put on a stern face for the photo). I definitely have more confidence in my ability to stitch imagery and without spacing issues! I guess it just takes a few projects to get the hang of it. I think my next project will be Lord of the Rings based for my dad. Stay tuned!

complete cross stitch  Matt Fraction 1  Matt Fraction 2

Note: Use lots of moisturizer and maybe a hand scrub if, like me, you are not a fan of thimbles or needle grips. I got a pretty bad rough patch on my index finger from this one.

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  1. Where did you find the pattern for this?!? I’ve been trying to find something like this for AGES!!!! BTW, isn’t Matt an awesome guy? Just recently showed him my Hawk tattoo.

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