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Happy Sunday! Let’s check out some cool art.

Skinner Gif
“My anaconda dont, my anaconda dont…”

Did you catch After Dark at the Tate Britain? Robots roamed the museum after dark for several nights this month, and livestreamed their adventures. I didn’t. Because I just heard about it today. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Robots. Art. Robots and art. This was the teaser:

— Megan

Rondle West BarbieYou should check out Rondle West’s work. He’s a self-taught artist who puts together intricate collages of found objects which he then paints all one color. The resulting sculptures are eerily organic and intricate, as faces stare blankly at you from futuristic shipscapes and tableaus that wouldn’t be out of place in a temple.

Haven’t gotten enough Groot or Rocket Raccoon yet? deviantArt has you covered. So covered.

Dark, apocalyptic paintings by Zdzislaw Beksinski to inspire your creativity when you’re dipping from the deeper end. Check out his work on the artist’s webpage or use this Imgur gallery if the site design gives you fits.

— Sarah

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