Mighty Marvel Monday: Anderson Coopers

Happy Monday, true believers!

acoopThis Monday, I would like to bring you the most important piece of news that Marvel has announced in a long time: Anderson Cooper will appear in Black Widow #12.


Yes, if you wanted a beautifully painted Phil Noto illustration of Anderson Cooper, you will now have one! Or several, as the case may be.


Enjoy these Anderson Coopers:

Moving on to less important things (I’m kidding. Am I?)


That Manara Spider-Woman cover upset a great many people, leading to coverage from major news outlets and a great deal of “uuughhhh, shut up, ladies! Are you all on your dang periods at once? GAWSH” from dudes, some of whom are well-known professionals in the comics industry. Take Marvel Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort, who says that while yes, it is sexual, it’s not THAT bad, and also they’ve done more exploitative stuff in the past, so just chill out:

“It’s also, for a Manara piece, one of the less sexualised ones, at least to my eye. Maybe others feel differently. But given that the character is covered head-to-toe, and is crouched in a spider-like pose, it seems far less exploitative to me than other Manara pieces we’ve run in previous months and years.”

Ant-Man: it is still a movie! Click here to see photos of Evangeline Lily’s cute haircut (which I’m very

Image via Wired
Image via Wired

tempted to copycat) and Paul Rudd/Scott Lang looking like the grumpiest dude to ever get off his shift at Urban Outfitters.


Look upon these Gwen Stacy in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 teaser 53f7bb5f0bac3images, and rejoice.

Here, have a bonus Anderson Cooper with Cat for the road. Because I love you all that much.



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