I’m Loving: Teen Dog! Maybe? We’re conflicted.

Teen Dog, BOOM! Box, Jake Lawrence, 2014
Teen Dog, Jake Lawrence, BOOM! Studios, 2014
Teen Dog #1, Jake Lawrence

What is a teen dog? What is this comic? What is this press release that has found its way into my inbox? Teen. Dog.

“HE’S THE COOLEST CAT IN TOWN. EXCEPT HE’S A DOG. TEEN DOG!” is how the pitch for BOOM! Studios’ latest starts. A new BOOM! Box ongoing, Teen Dog is written and illustrated by cartoonist Jake Lawrence (Timecowboy).

Teen Dog is the cool guy you always wanted to be in high school, à la Michael J. Fox and Ferris Bueller, except he’s a dog in a rad denim vest. Each issue contains short vignettes featuring Teen Dog, his best friend Mariella, Thug Pug, Sara the star quarterback, and many more. Teen angst and whimsical adventures collide in this new series that combines the feel of John Hughes movies with ‘90s Nickelodeon cartoons.

Ah yes, I see. Michael J. Poochie rads up high school, has zeitgeisty adventures.

Team, what say you: Teen Dog, yay or nay?


It seems to be a direct homage to Poochie, but it’s hard to tell. It doesn’t seem overtly jokey about it. Poochie was a piece of satire already, so if this is a satire of that, does the double negative make it sincere again? I can tell you this: if you showed me this and said it came from 1986 and was completely serious, I would believe you. I saw every episode of Turbo Teen.


Teen Dog, Jen Lee, BOOM! Studios, 2014Claire:

It’s very Jack Teagle-y, although I’m not sure if it’s obnoxious (compliment) enough, quite, to make that comparison sound? Let me see your teeth, Teen Dog.


It seems like the creators were watching the Simpsons episode with Poochie while reading Teen Boat, did a back and forth between the two, and put this together. I think it could be something so ridiculous that it’s really good. They just need to avoid going the route of Axe Cop, where at first everything was funny and over the top, and then it just got old. There’s no way the creators weren’t self-aware that this character looks exactly like Poochie. It might be a work of genius. Or not. It could also be just… ridic.

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