Staff Picks for July: Comics

Banner: Bee and Puppycat #2, Natasha Allegri
Cover: Black Science #7, ImageBlack Science
Rick Remender (W)
Matteo Scalera (A)
Image Comics

Black Science will return on July 30th after a three month break following the completion of the first story arc. Issue #6 left off with Grant McKay encountering a duplicate of himself from another aspect of the multiverse, rescuing his own children from said duplicate, and then being informed that Kadir was the pillar saboteur. The group reconvened within seconds of transport and fought amongst themselves as they arrived on yet another new planet as a group of its inhabitants watched. I’m very much looking forward to more multi-layered storytelling and intense artwork from Remender and Scalera. — Lana

Cover: Supreme Blue RoseSupreme Blue Rose #1
Warren Ellis (W)
Tula Lotay (A)
Image Comics

I originally wasn’t interested in this comic because all I knew was that the character, Supreme, was originally a Liefeld creation. But then I kept hearing more about it and the more I heard the more I wanted to read it. First of all Warren Ellis is writing. I’ve had pretty good luck with his work in the past. Second the description is so intriguing “You are not dreaming.
 We are trying to communicate with you. 
Local reality has been reinstalled. 
Things have gone wrong. The revision has corrupted.” And then I read artist Tula Lotay’s thoughts on the series “Supreme really appealed to me in that it passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. I’ve never spoken to Warren about this, but it’s a story with very strong female characters, the women shine through and that’s a pretty rare thing to see in sci-fi.” And last but not least I checked out the preview pages and they’re stunning. It went from being a book I had no interest in to one I had to have. — Christa

Cover: Low, ImageLow #1
Rick Remender (W)
Greg Tocchini (A)
Image Comics

Low is set in the future, at a point when humanity is forced to go live below the now barren surface. The sun’s radiation is at unbearable levels and no one leaves the shielded cities below the water. But when a probe arrives, with information about an alternative planet, a small group, must put aside their differences and brave the above to retrieve the information. I’ve heard so many great things about Rick Remender’s Black Science series and I will never say no to a good science fiction story. I think this is going to be an very interesting and complex story about humanity and the environment. — Christa

Bee and Puppycat #2  Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson (W)  Natasha Allegri (A)  KABOOM!Bee and Puppycat #2
Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson (W)
Natasha Allegri (A)

After the introductions of Issue One, Bee and Puppycat waste no time in getting to work in Issue Two when they are sent to Snowglobe Space to fix a broken music box. If you don’t have a QR reader, it is absolutely worth your while to download one, if only to listen to what that broken music box sounds like. Seriously. Bee and Puppycat #2 incorporates QR codes, which allow readers to listen to the comic for an innovative, and ultimately sweet interactive experience. The comic could easily fall into the tried and true monster of the week formula, but instead it takes the time to explore the characters’ relationship and the delightful universe Allegri has created. With only four more issues slated to be released, my interest is piqued as to where Allegri and the rest of the creative team will be taking the story of Bee and Puppycat. — LB

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