Show your Hardcore Lady Type Spirit with Official Lumberjanes Scout Badges!

Lumberjanes Badges by BOOM! Studios. Designed by Kate Leth.
Lumberjanes Badges by BOOM! Studios. Designed by Kate Leth.

Holy kittens! BOOM! Studios has announced that Lumberjanes Scout Badges will be released at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and you know you need a set for your book-bag and your nerd-punk vest. The first set will include three badges featured in the comics, as well as a badge exclusive to SDCC. According to BOOM! the badges include:

– Naval Gauging Badge – Awarded for proficiency in canoeing … and of course, for successfully navigating monster-infested waters

Pungeon Master Badge – Awarded for being exceptionally pun-ny

Up All Night Badge – Awarded for staying awake all night and up out of your bed after lights out

Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Badge – To be revealed!

Molly, Mal, April, Jo, and Ripley overcome obstacles and unforeseen spooky things to earn the very same scout badges.  The set of four will retail for $20. Following SDCC, badges will be for sale individually for $6 (including shipping) directly from the BOOM! webstore.

I’m not gonna lie, guys. I really hope that the SDCC exclusive is the “Smashing the Patriarchy” the Which Lumberjane Are You? quiz teased us with. We could all use one of those.

LB Royal

LB Royal

LB Royal is a project manager that spends a lot of time thinking about gender representation and intersectionality in geek media. She holds an MBA and an MA, and tries to use her powers for good (mostly). You can find her on twitter @laurabeastly