Sailor Moon Sleepover Club: Planning

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It’s summer time, days are long, nights are warm, and in just a few short weeks, Sailor Moon Crystal is premiering worldwide. What better time could there be to have a Sailor Moon sleepover?

So you’ve got Sailor Moon up on your screen and ready to stream. Now what? Sleepovers are all about good friends and food. Maybe activities, if you’re feeling ambitious. So let’s break this down.



sailormoon_so3Usagi is all about food. As I recall, pizza was the sleepover food of yore, but there are just so many options for Sailor Moon themed snacks! For something sweet, why not whip up some Sailor Moon cookies? You can pick up Sailor Moon transformation locket cookie cutters from Warp Zone Prints. Or, if you’re in a pinch, you could pick up heart, moon and star shaped cookie cutters from Amazon or your local hobby shop (I found star, heart and bunny cookie cutters at Daiso for just $3!). Just pull up your favorite sugar cookie recipe and you’re ready to go.

Or, if you’re into something a little more subtle, there are a myriad of spherical snacks that would be a perfect tribute to everyone’s favorite meatball head. I made these Puffed Quinoa Balls and uh, puffing quinoa is more difficult than one might expect. Do not underestimate quinoa. Check out Pinterest or foodgawker for less complicated odango shaped snack recipes.


If you’re feeling brave, there’s bento! Thanks to Real Anime Food, you can even make the same bento Makoto makes. According to recipe it serves five or more people, so there would be plenty to share at your slumber party.


sailormoon_so4I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails growing up, so I always made sure to capitalize on my friends’ nail polish collections whenever I slept over at their houses. So don’t forget to bring your nail polish! Feeling ambitious? Try a galaxy nails tutorial. Or if you’re like me, and barely possess the minimum dexterity required to paint your nails, you can try something simpler, like pastel tones with a star and moon design. (Psst – there are also galaxy nail wraps.)

There are many other tried and true sleepover activities (two words: friendship bracelets) but do you really want to do anything that will distract you from reading Sailor Moon subtitles? The original series on Hulu is currently only in Japanese, though a new English dub will be released online at a later date. This new dub cast is set to be announced this summer.

Sailor Moon Crystal premiers on July 5th (watch it on Hulu, Crunchyroll or Neon Alley), and the original Sailor Moon series is currently streaming on Hulu. What are you waiting for? Get your friends together. Make a Google Spreadsheet to figure out who’s bringing which snack. Pack up your nail polish collection. Have yourself a sweet Sailor Moon sleepover.

If you have your own Sailor Moon Sleepover, send your photos to me and we’ll put together a gallery! You know you want to.


LB Royal

LB Royal

LB Royal is a project manager that spends a lot of time thinking about gender representation and intersectionality in geek media. She holds an MBA and an MA, and tries to use her powers for good (mostly). You can find her on twitter @laurabeastly