Mighty Marvel Monday: Not MY Foggy Nelson!

What is up, my fellow Marvel kids? It’s Monday, I’m loopy from pain medication, and it’s time to talk Marvel news!

There will possibly maybe be a Hulk solo film! Mark Ruffalo spilled the scandalous, very shocking beans by mentioning that while previously Marvel had been all “no way” to another solo Hulk franchise (what, no one else liked Ang Lee’s with Nick Nolte and the weird mutant Poodle?), they are now kind of like “maybe.”

Foggy Nelson has been cast for the upcoming Netflix Daredevil show, and will be played 2650907-nelson_2by Elden Henson, who is, according to the Internet, best known for being in The Mighty Ducks. Also, if you Google “Foggy Nelson,” Sean Astin comes up as a related search. Guess you missed out on everyone’s dream casting there, Marvel.

Marvel’s 75th Anniversary anthology, coming this October, looks to be featuring mostly exactly who you’d think it would in terms of creative contributions: Bendis, Samnee, and Rivera, as well some work from the old guard of White Dudes: Tom DeFalco and Len Wein are supposed to be revisiting Spider-Man and Wolverine, respectively.

GOTGDan Abnett will be writing an ongoing series using the original Guardians of the Galaxy lineup created in 1969. Abnett was one half of Abnett-and-Lanning, the creative team who brought together the Guardians team we know and are comfortable with today: Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, et al. This original team, featuring household names every comics fan is familiar with, such as “Captain Charlie-27,” will launch their own adventure out of the backup story featured in Guardians of the Galaxy #14. Look for the series this September and hope that Yondu Udonta is no longer referred to as a “noble savage.”

Well, that’s it for me. There was nothing to report about X-Men this week, so I consider it a general failure. Sorry, everybody!


Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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