Kickstarter of the Week: Songs of My People

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Music is a big part of geek fan culture. From filk to nerdcore, there are tons of  great songs to represent our love of all things geek. 

Lady Hath Bustle music videoThe Songs of My People: Let Me Sing You Them (Nerd comedy music) Kickstarter campaign helps fund the latest album from Danny Birt. A writer, editor and musician, Danny has several albums to his credit already, including Warped Children’s Songs and Otter Teas. Since I’m a sucker for music videos, I was delighted to find the campaign video starts with Lady Hath Bustle (a parody of Baby Got Back), a quirky fun song with a steampunk flavor. You can also sample tracks from earlier albums on his personal website or check out this video from Marscon for the Pi Day Song.

Backer rewards range from $10 up to $1025. Mostly they consist of digital downloads and signed CDs. If a song catches your eye, you can become its sponsor for a $125 pledge.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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