What’s Hot, Halfway Through 2014?

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You’re used to What’s Hot? by now — our monthly check-in with what makes us happy outside of this world of comics. It’s June, and WH? is back, but it’s brought a friend. Remember in January when we, the staff, made resolutions? Well, there are a lot more of us now. But have those of us who started the year with WWAC stayed the course or strayed? Find out in the second half of this post…

What’s Hot? June 2014

DC Comics Flash Barbeque SetBrenda

Grill Friday! From Memorial Day through Labor Day, we host an open house grill night every week. Friends drop by with something grill. Adults hang out while the kids run around with light sabers, hula hoops and water guns.


Right now I’m loving comics-inspired playlists, which I only recently discovered are a thing. Kieron Gillen has posted playlists for his series Phonogram: The Singles Club, Young Avengers, and The Wicked and the Divine on Spotify; the Wicked and the Divine one introduced me to Sleater Kinney’s amazing “Sympathy” and Suede. For the more punkily inclined, Gabe Soria has compiled a Locas/Los Bros. Hernandez playlist featuring the Dead Kennedys and similar.

I’ve even started compiling my own for Preacher: the Carolina Chocolate Drops, the Pogues, Ella Fitzgerald, and “Sympathy” by Sleater-Kinney.


I’ve been really into podcasts lately like Schmoes Know Movie Show, Nerdist and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. They’re great for when I’m doing laundry, washing the dishes or on a walk and I’m slowly adding to my subscription list with others. I need to catch up on Welcome to Nightvale since it got a bit flat for me and I want to try Thrilling Adventure Hour which I heard was great.

Biba logo, Barbara Hulanicki, designed by  Antony LittleClaire

I made a friend who sells books for a living — a profession that allows one to collect books without compunction. She’s terribly generous with loans, and I pulled a couple of Biba hardbacks at the beginning of this week. I’ve been taking morning, noon and evening sojourns to late-60s London to get down with the dollybirds, and on to ’73 to get up to no good with the glam kids. Ohh booooyyy if I ever get my hands on a time machine, it’s Big Biba for me. An absolute dream, and it’s inspiring me in various ways: back to black nail polish for one, and deep ponderings on the thematic possibilities of retail spaces (comic shops!) for another.


Orange Is The New Black! I’m watching the second season as slow as I can so I don’t run out of episodes too soon. The Larry plotline is boring (I had to google his name, I didn’t even remember it)… but all the other ones make up for it.

Megan P


Half-way check: WWAC Resolutions, 2014!

Marvel Avengers Hopper Ball, kidsempire.comJamie

Doing fine on the drink more water, doing fine on the read other comics than Marvel.  Not doing so great on the yoga. But I did buy one of those pilates ball things, and I sit on it and read for a while. That’s supposed to be a low-impact core workout, though I’m feeling it more in my hips and knees than my core.

Wendy (new!)

I kept my resolutions to things that I truly cared about in hopes that I’d actually manage to keep them (that exercise business never makes it beyond March). I’m chipping away at my gaming list, though other projects have cut down on my game time. I have been steadily working through Tomb Raider though, so if I finish one game, then I’m happy. I’m 56 books/graphic novels into my 150 book reading challenge. The resolution I really care about is writing. I set myself a tiny goal of 500 words a day and, despite a rocky start, I’ve recently been soaring beyond my monthly totals.

Justice League Unlimited, DC Comics, 2006Kelly

I’ve been watching more Justice League! Outside of that… Well, I didn’t realize that the age group I work with gets MORE exhausting as the school year progresses. Now that the year’s almost over, though (hooray!), I will be picking up on the Zumba and baking. For real.


I’ve been doing pretty well at covering kids’ comics, I think — we even recruited a Children’s Editor, and Lana’s doing a bang-up job of holding that down! I’m still very much a baby when it comes to knowledge of euro-comics, but I’m learning. I’ve been reading and reviewing much more manga, British comics and translated bandes dessinées than I have American comics at least. As for the art… it’s coming slow, but it’s happening. What do you mean, fear of failure?

 Jughead & Archie Double Digest #2, Archie Comics, Craig Boldman Art: Rex Lindsey, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli, and Barry Grossman, April 2014Megan B

I’ve recently made headway on my very large pile of unread comic books, though cutting down my subscription list has been a challenge. The urge to collect is strong, needless, and hard to resist! My other resolution was to write more about creators and comics deserving of praise. I have managed to keep my writing focused on the positive, though overall I am not writing as much as I would like. There are still six months in the year for me to accomplish both of these resolutions more fully!

And she’s not wrong! We’ll be coming back with a full census at the end of the year, but before then: what do you want to see from us? What should we do more of; what should we do less? Do you want to see more on a particular topic from one of us? Tell us about it!

Happy half-year!

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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