Rat Queens Coming Soon to a Television Near You

Rat QueesHannah, Violet, Dee and Betty are coming to a television near you. If those words alone don’t make you squeal with utter joy, then you’ve clearly missed out on the glory that is Rat Queens, a comic full of heart, soul, wit and sass.

Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, drawn by Roc Upchurch and published by Image Comics, this firmly tongue-in-cheek series seemingly starts out as a typical roleplaying game-based fantasy, featring your standard issue badass babes. But once these beer-guzzling, brawl-inducing, sex-romping mercenaries crash onto the scene, you know you’re in for something very, very special.

And it can only get better when an animated version comes to the screen thanks to Heavy Metal and Weta Workshop’s Pukeko Pictures!

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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