Archery! Comics! Shooting lines: Adrienne’s Answers

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Our own staff editor Adrienne is the focus of this week’s archery profile!

Tell us about yourself. Are you currently an active archer?

Currently inactive but hoping to get back into it. I took up the bow 2 years ago when a friend and I were doing our usual walk around the local lake and came upon a range on the western tip. I mentioned how I always wanted to try archery and she said the same. We looked up the local clubs, placed a few calls, and within days I was signed up for lessons. I haven’t been to a range in over a year but I’m hoping to change that.

What sort of a bow do you use? Why did you choose it?

An arrow in the gold, Adrienne celebrates
Not so terrible at aiming with a sight, though!

I prefer a recurve and will (finally) purchase one soon. I found the compound too powerful for me; I felt like it was too much for me to control. I liked the long bow, elegant and soft, but I am terrible at aiming without a sight. The recurve seems the best option for me.

When did you first fall in love with the idea of archery?

I don’t know when I first fell in love with archery. I’ve just always been fascinated with archery, it seems so romantic and bad-ass at the same time. And it turns out it really is!

Are you a sporty person, outside of your participation in archery? What makes archery important?

I am terrible at sports. Just awful. I’ve never had any desire to participate in sports, from a very young age. I think it might have something to do with letting down team members. Instead I preferred activities I could do individually. I mean, I can go to the range with other people and have a good time, but no team means there’s no need for anyone to suffer from my poor skills (or complete lack thereof). I find that archery is an amazing stress reliever for me, more so than other activities. The focus it takes allows me to forget everything that’s been on my mind. Plus I get to shoot things! There is nothing quite like shooting a balloon attached to the rear end of a 3D deer (and actually hitting it on the first try).

How easy was it for you to find a beginner’s course, a club, or your own personal entry into the sport? Were there any barriers?

It was quite easy. The range we visited had a community board with lots of information. We quickly found a club offering multi-week lessons for a reasonable price and a convenient location. The club was so fantastic that the teachers were willing to come in a couple of hours early every lesson so we could have extra practice, at no charge! Oddly enough, most of my best shots happened in those hours when almost no one was around (they did happen! I have picture proof).

What was your reaction to the sudden archery boom of the last few years? Were you enthused by Merida, Katniss, and Hawkeye taking to the big screen? Did you notice it affecting your friends, peers, or club membership?

Perhaps my love of Hawkeye affected me more than the other characters mentioned. I think it provided the final push to just go out and do it. Other than the friend who joined me, the sudden boom in archery in mainstream media doesn’t seem to have affected anyone else I know. And I haven’t been part of a club for a while, so I haven’t been able to observe any changes. It would be interesting to see membership rates after the release of Catching Fire though.

What’s your current favourite archery-related comic/book/myth/film/etc?

Hawkeye of course! I am instantly drawn to anything Hawkeye at Con, it can be bad for my wallet.

Has your motivation been affected by fictional characters, fictional archers? Tell us all about it!

I suppose it has. No one character has been a driving force in my decision to take up the bow, but I always appreciated the characters in movies or books who were archers. They were always the badasses, and who doesn’t want to be a badass when they grow up?

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