News & Things: Awesome Comic Adaptations, Ahoy!

The-Walking-Dead-Season-Two-TrailerWalking Dead videogame debuts new trailer for upcoming Episode 3

Tomorrow is the release of the latest episode of the much-praised The Waking Dead: The Game Season Two.  The series, which follows different characters set in the same universe as the comic, is notable for its sophisticated storytelling and emotional depth of its characters. For anyone who enjoys the comic or the tv show, The Walking Dead: The Game is a wonderful addition to the universe.

Gotham_CastGotham adds Renee Montoya as series regular and gets a fall timeslot

Much to the excitement of her fans, Renee Montoya, as played by Victoria Cartagena, will be a series regular on the upcoming Gotham TV show, along with Edward Nygma and Crispus Allen.  That will make three, count ’em, three women of color as regulars on the show, with Renee joining Captain Sarah Essen, as played by Zabryna Guevara, and Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney. There are also cast portraits of some of the characters posted here.

When the world of fanfic meets traditional publishing

Over at Wired, Rachel Eddin examines a new indie publisher that isn’t just warm to fanfiction but actively seeking out prolific fic authors in the hopes of publishing their original work.  How fanfiction intersects with traditional publishing has always been murky, with big hits like 50 Shades of Grey being essentially Twilight Alternate Universe fanfic with the names changed.  Now new publishers are hoping to tap into that preexisting fandom audience.



Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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